Monday, April 28, 2008

Wasn’t there a second Seder night?

Oy, boy:

It seems that although the Governor endorsed Senator Lautenberg for re-election, he couldn’t make room at the Passover Seder table for two more people at Drumthwacket this year.

In all my years of saying the Four Questions at my seder table at my Aunt Shiffie’s house, I never was invited to Drumthwacket, either.

According to The Auditor in the Star-Ledger, “the incumbent Senator was told not to show up” to the governor’s seder. Such a shanda! Governor Corzine, maybe, just maybe that was a fercockt thing to do to the man you’re endorsing for the Senate. I am sure that Senator Lautenberg was all farpitzs, with no seder to go to.

The senator was invited as usual, but said he had other plans. However, then, he calls at the last minute, and tries to get re-invited to have some matzoh with the Governor. By the way, not to change the subject, but I would imagine there are lots of places to hide the afikomen in Drumthwacket! You could be looking for weeks and weeks for that thing! Luckily, stale matzoh tastes almost the same as new matzoh. I am sure there are still matzohs that have not been found since the Woodrow Wilson Administration.

So, oy, maybe Senator Lautenberg will have to wait until this whole primary thing is over and done, and then he can share a nice glass tea with the Governor. Maybe they can celebrate Lag B'Omer on May 23rd or Shavuot on June 9th, after the Lautenberg victory.

Here at NJPoliticsUnusual, we heartily endorse Senator Lautenberg for re-election, and cannot wait to wish him Mazel Tov on the night of June 3rd, when the primary votes are all counted.

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