Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the job

Strangely enough, a politician who wants to get a little nookie on the side while he is in office can’t win no matter what they do. The latest to test this theory was Governor Mark Sanford from South Carolina.

If you’ve been following the news, you may know that Hiking the Appalachian Trail” is a new Southern euphemism for “getting laid”.

Sanford traveled all the way to South America get his nookie, apparently.

At least the others in the US: Spitzer got his in Washington, DC; McGreevey stayed at NJ highway rest stops for his.

And President Bill Clinton stayed on the job by getting his right in the Oval Office. If nuclear launch codes were needed, Clinton was still right there will and ready to be the leader of the free world.

Not so Sanford. He was out of town during his affair.

Unreachable by his staff, the press and the people of South Carolina. He met his paramour on a trip a year ago paid for by the South Carolina Department of Commerce---the taxpayers kicked in for that one. To his credit, the governor did offer to pay back the state for that portion of the trip where he had the affair. I guess any days where he failed to get laid, he’s not paying for. Good sport, governor.

Under the South Carolina State constution, Article IV, SECTION 2. “Qualifications of Governor”:

No person shall be eligible to the office of Governor who denies the existence of the Supreme Being.

So, if when he was getting his nookie, the good governor did not shout out the Lord’s name, perhaps he can get impeached.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The New new New York Yankee Stadium

So, what do you think of the new Yankee Stadium? Yeah, me, too.

Friday, June 5, 2009

So, nu? The New Family discusses marriage-equality...

“Hello, Jersey? It’s your cousin, Hampshire. How are you, darling? How is your Garden? How’s your Shore?

"Dear, I want to thank you for your nice gift on the occasion of my getting ‘Marriage-Equality’. The tomatoes were fabulous! Nice and big and ripe. You really are the Garden State of the New family….”

“So, are you and York still having your troubles? Look, you really need to get over that whole 'Statue of Liberty' thing. It’s been going on for years, and the Statue really does belong to York. The gift from France was for New York, and not you. (Oy, not this again). Yes, I know the gift was for all the States…(and again with the 'it's closer to me' whine)... Maybe you and York could just get together over a nice lunch, but really….(oy vey, I am sorry I brought it up)….she is your sister state and your neighbor, and you really need to forgive….”

“Look, the real reason I called is to see what’s happening with you in the ‘marriage-equality’ department. You know, you’re not getting any younger. I was with the Norths the other day----you know Carolina and Dakota----oh, they’re fine. Y’know, Carolina never shuts up and you can’t understand a thing she says ----with that accent of hers, and Dakota never says a word. But they were asking about you, dear…."

“Y’know, it is about time you got marriage-equality. It really is better for you. No, that ‘domestic partnership’ nonsense just does not work. Sounds like a law firm. And no one knows what it is. And the ‘civil unions’ ----hey, why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free, know what I mean….marriage-equality is the only way to go….

“Now your mishuguna cousin California from the other side of the States----can’t make up her mind. First she has marriage-equality, then she doesn’t. Then she has it again. Oy, what tsoris she’s causing!...."

“Now, you should see the way I look since I got marriage-equality…my pastures are greener…my mountains look bigger and my lakes are bluer. You need to try it. All my neighbors have marriage-equality--- Connecticut. Maine. Massachusetts. Vermont. It will work for you, too, dear. Trust me, it’s so much better..."

"Even your goyish-a cousin, Iowa has marriage-equality. Who knew?”

(a special shout out to Steven and Daniel)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Americans for Prosperity conference

Second to none in the Republican world are the folks from Americans for Prosperity (AFP). These conservatoids march to the beat of a different drummer on their side of the political aisle.

Their leader in New Jersey is none other than former gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan. Now, this time around he was taken a bit more seriously by the Republican powers that be and they actually ran attack-commercials against him touting his 'flat-tax' as a scam to raise taxes on "70% of New Jersey residents" which "Lonegan actually admitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer". Yup, folks---if you're gonna raise taxes on New Jersey residents go out of state to admit it. Now, the flat tax, as I hear tell it would have raised taxes on the lowest level income folks in NJ.

And Lonegan said that was OK 'cause it was "not really that much" (an additional $400 per year or so"), and that the money would be used to help create jobs and stimulate the economy. Now, let me understand this----you're going to help create jobs and stimulate the NJ economy with tax dollars? Is not that what President Obama is attempting to do with federal stimulus money? And Steve is just willing to do it with poor people's money----but not rich people's apparently. Maybe the rich are different. Their money is no good here.

Anyway, the AFP folks included Lonegan, and Joe Schlip (Piscataway Republican Club guy and the guy they chose to introduce their keynote speaker, Curtis Sliwa) who is pro-life to the nth degree, against marriage equality, and told me he believes that Islamists are taking over Europe and if we did not do something in America we would be an "Islamist Republic" in years to come. Well, his exact time frame was 25 years, so I have got 2024 marked on my calendar for the ocassion. Joe, you can pick up your tin-foil hat at the next AFP convention.

It was fun as I got to meet Ryan, the 22 year-old conservative true believer who was staffing a table for the conference. A firece conservative-libertarian, Ryan wants the government out of his life completely----even to the point of not wanting any local zoning boards making sure that an oil refinery could not be zoned next to his house. "My freedom is important to me," he said. "If that means losing the value of my home, that's OK with me." Perhaps Ryan can purchase his home in Joe Schlip's future America from the folks from the future Islamist Republic----and wear his own tin-foil hat during the house closing.

At the AFP Con, I got to meet Curtis Sliwa, who I miss broadcasting with Ron Kuby on WABC in the mornings. Curtis [now on at night] and Kuby [now on Air America, I think] were bumped a year or so by Don Imus. Funny how life works---Imus calls the Rutgers womens basketball team "nappy headed hoes", ---and voila----Kuby ends up in radio wasteland. Love Air America, when I can get it, which is not that often. What goes around comes around, even if it you did not start it.

In my neck of conservative NJ, Lonegan won big---and so did Michael Doherty, edging off Mrcia Karrow---a good legislator who was a good critical thinker most of the time. Doherty, however, will join the other right-wingers from out here in the back rows of the NJ Senate.

So, it goes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Corzine is ready to go

It's more than official: Christie vs Governor Corzine.

I was blogging at the Corzine for Governor event tonight, and got to see first hand who is the team with the governor.

Labor. LBGT folks. College students. Seniors. The African-American community. The Latino community. All working on parallel tracks to re-elect Jon Corzine.

No wounds to heal; no need to attend a "united front" breakfast----Corzine campaign hits the ground running. Tonight the VP was in town. I am sure that President Obama will visit before the campaign is over.

On Christie's side, I am sure that he will have Lonegan out there campaigning for him. Good luck with that. As well presidential losers Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

Important note: No pro-life/anti-choice candidate has won state-wide in New Jersey in more than two decades. Chris Christie may have coasted on the coat tails of US attorney reputation to the nomination---but now he has to run in the issues.

And his primary run forced him to the right on most issues. He has declared his anti-choice position, and his opposition to taking any federal stimulus dollars----in spite of the fact that NJ sends more dollars to Washington than just about any other state.

So, over the next 153 days until November election---the choice is clear.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joe Biden introduces Jon Corzine

"This is America's governor." "Champion for the environment." "Energy goal to generate 30% by renewable sources. He gets it."

"...can plant seeds for miracles. "He gets it." "He's a model for other governors."

Jon Corzine: "I accept the nomination for governor." Crowd cheers.

Joe Biden takes the stage

Joe Biden takes the stage, and is acknowledging all the members of Congress in the room. Welcomes Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo---"I was in County government, and I left it for the Senate ---it was too hard."

"Barack Obama and Joe Biden are committed to John Corzine. And we need Jon Corzine at the helm."

"First call I made for advice was Jon Corzine. Smartest guy I know....".

"Violent crime has dropped in the State."

"Increased school aid by millions of dollars." "105 billion dollars in the stimulus bill for education---significant number going to New Jersey."

The Stage is Packed with people from all over New Jersey

The Stage is Packed with people from all over New Jersey, and the crowd seems enthusiastic.

Right now, they're showing a video of Jon Corzine talking about his background.

"There is more in each of us than we think there is."
Governor Jon Corzine.

Great quote.

Corzine Announces for Governor


The polls are a mere 30 minuets away from closing, as Republicans Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan battle it out. Democrats are united here at the Codey Arena in Essex County, waitiing for Vice President Joe Biden to help kick off the campaign for Governor Jon Corzine.

Labor. College. LBGT folks. Rep. Frank Pallone. Rep. Steve Rothman. Chairan Joe Cryan. Senate President Dick Codey. Senator Loretta Weinberg. Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula. And VP Joe Biden.

Democrats all united to support the re-election of Corzine for Governor. Right now, Corzine for Governor T-shirts are being tossed in to the crowd---reminiscent of baseball games around New Jersey.