Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Four weeks and counting

Today we are exactly four weeks from Election Day, an election day that will be written about for years and years to come. It is a real choice between the future and the past. Between a man who has voted with George W. Bush more than 90% of the time; and someone who offered a real hope for change for the better.

I am supporting Barack Obama for a wide variety of reasons. And he was not the first choice on my list. I originally supported Governor Bill Richardson as I thought he was the Democratic candidate who offered the most experience in the race. When he dropped out, I was left with considering someone who had far less experience.

What turned me in to an Obama supporter was the same experience that turned me in to a Richardson supporter----a personal meeting with the candidate. Back in 2005, I had the opportunity to meet and speak to Governor Bill Richardson when I was a keynote speaker for the New Mexico League of Cities state conference. I found him intelligent, funny and personable.

The same with Senator Obama. I had the opportunity of meeting him on stage at a campaign rally for Jon Corzine for governor. We spoke for maybe ten minutes in a small group on stage, waiting for the event to begin. We talked of municipal issues, sprawl, high property taxes, financial challenges to small communities---all issues that confront New Jersey, as well as his home state of Illinois. I was impressed.

So, I continue to support Senator Obama, and look forward to his election in November. Makes me feel a little old, as he will be the first candidate I support who is younger than me.

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