Thursday, November 6, 2008

Perhaps Tina Fey needs to check her caller ID when she picks up the phone.

AP Newswire:

In a scam that falls under the category of "turnabout is fair play" [or maybe ‘se retourner est jouer franc jeu’ in French], today French President Nicolas Sarkozy called former Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey, and pranked her in to thinking he was two Canadian radio comedians from Montreal. “Boy, he sounded just like a French Opie & Anthony. Two different voices and everything. I really had no idea he was the president of France”.

Perhaps she should have realized that something was not kosher when he said,
“We love to watch all the funny shows on NBC, especially ‘My Name is Earl’.” Ms. Fey was on the set of her show, “30 Rock” when she took the call. “I thought that it was actually Canadian comedian Marc-Antoine Audette wanting to get my help as part of a prank call to President Sarkozy, in response to his call to the real Sarah Palin. It is all very confusing.”

The real comedian Audette is part of a radio duo that has made prank calls to a series of world leaders over the years. Fey didn't give away anything of real note – except when ‘Audette’ suggested that perhaps Fey had an ambition to have her own television show herself one day.

"Maybe in eight years,"
she joked doing her best Sarah Palin impression--- thinking that President Sarkozy as Audette was being sarcastic himself, thinking that he must have heard of her show “30 Rock”. “We love you! Thanks you for talking to me!”, Fey is reported to have told ‘Sarkozy’ during the call, thinking she was talking to the real Audette.

In other news, President-Elect Barack Obama made a prank call to the brother of Jeremy Piven, and offered him the Chief of Staff position.


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