Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go West, Young Man.

I get asked for directions a lot. I don't know why I give off a GPS vibe. Whenever I am working in front of our house or cleaning up the front yard---I always get asked for driving directions. And I do not have the greatest sense of direction at all.

I still get lost driving in Flemington. I was not sure which side of my family this came from. I always thought it was from my dad's side.

This evening, I was attending an improv workshop with the Magnet Theater in New York City, and I arrived a bit early. I stopped off to have a hot dog at one of those Papaya Juice places [two hot dogs and a drink for 4 bucks], and from the time I started my first hot dog, until the time I finished, I had three people ask me for directions.

The first was a woman with luggage asking the way to Penn Station ["Three blocks south of here"], I pointed.

Next, was a man dressed very well with an accent ["French? Italian?"], asking me which way was the west side. Finally, as I popped the last bit of hot dog in myn mouth, a couple asked me how to get to Madison Sqaure Garden. I wanted to say, "Practice, practice, practice," but I did not.

I still get lost in New Jersey, though.


Anonymous said...

Were you at the Magnet Theater when the person asked you where Penn Station was?

If so... you told them it was three blocks SOUTH when it is actually 2 blocks NORTH.

The Magnet is on 29th, Penn is between 31st and 33rd. I used to work on next block up from the Magnet Theater.

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