Monday, July 27, 2009

And she told the media: ''How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin' things up?''

...and "How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin' things up?" too, ex-governor?

Palin's lies.....

Palin lied when she said the dismissal of her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, had nothing to do with his refusal to fire state trooper Mike Wooten; in fact, the Branchflower Report concluded that she repeatedly abused her power when dealing with both men.

Palin lied when she repeatedly claimed to have said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere; in fact, she openly campaigned for the federal project when running for governor.

Palin lied when she denied that Wasilla's police chief and librarian had been fired; in fact, both were given letters of termination the previous day.

Palin lied when she wrote in the NYT that a comprehensive review by Alaska wildlife officials showed that polar bears were not endangered; in fact, email correspondence between those scientists showed the opposite.

Palin lied when she claimed in her convention speech that an oil gas pipeline "began" under her guidance; in fact, the pipeline was years from breaking ground, if at all.

Palin lied when she told Charlie Gibson that she does not pass judgment on gay people; in fact, she opposes all rights between gay spouses and belongs to a church that promotes conversion therapy.

Palin lied when she denied having said that humans do not contribute to climate change; in fact, she had previously proclaimed that human activity was not to blame.

Palin lied when she claimed that Alaska produces 20 percent of the country's domestic energy supply; in fact, the actual figures, based on any interpretation of her words, are much, much lower.

Palin lied when she told voters she improvised her convention speech when her teleprompter stopped working properly; in fact, all reports showed that the machine had functioned perfectly and that her speech had closely followed the script.

Palin lied when she recalled asking her daughters to vote on whether she should accept the VP offer; in fact, her story contradicts details given by her husband, the McCain campaign, and even Palin herself. (She later added another version.)

Palin lied when she claimed to have taken a voluntary pay cut as mayor; in fact, as councilmember she had voted against a raise for the mayor, but subsequent raises had taken effect by the time she was mayor.

Palin lied when she insisted that Wooten's divorce proceedings had caused his confidential records to become public; in fact, court officials confirmed they released no such records.

Palin lied when she suggested to Katie Couric that she was involved in trade missions with Russia; in fact, she has never even met with Russian officials.

Palin lied when she told Shimon Peres that the only flag in her office was the Israeli flag; in fact, she has several flags.

Palin lied when she claimed to have tried to divest government funds from Sudan; in fact, her administration openly opposed a bill that would have done just that.

Palin lied when she repeatedly claimed that troop levels in Iraq were back to pre-surge levels; in fact, even she acknowledged her "misstatements," though she refused to retract or apologize.

Palin lied when she insisted that the Branchflower Report "showed there was no unlawful or unethical activity on my part"; in fact, that report prominently stated, "Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act."

Palin lied when she claimed to have voiced concerns over Wooten fearing he would harm her family; in fact, she actually decreased her security detail during that period.

Palin lied when asked about the $150,000 worth of clothes provided by the RNC; in fact, solid reporting contradicted several parts of her statement.

Palin lied when she suggested that she had offered the media proof of her pregnancy with Trig to "correct the record"; in fact, no reports of her medical records were ever published; and the letter from her doctor testifying to her good health only emerged hours before polling ended on election day, even though there was nothing in it that couldn't have been released two months earlier.

Palin lied when she said that "reported" allegations of her banning Harry Potter as mayor was easily refutable because it had not even been written yet; in fact, the first book in that series was published in 1998 - two years into her first term - and such rumors were never reported by the media, only circulated as emails.

Palin lied when she denied having participated in a clothes audit with campaign laywers; in fact, the Washington Times later confirmed those details.

Palin lied when asked about Couric's question regarding her reading habits; in fact, Couric's words were not, "What do you read up there in Alaska?" or anything close to condescension.

Palin lied when she mischaracterized the "$1200 check" given to Alaskans as the permanent fund dividend check; in fact, that fund had yielded $2,069 per person, and she claimed otherwise to obscure the fact that Alaskans also received a $1200 rebate check from a windfall profits tax on oil companies - a tax widely criticized by Republicans.

Palin lied when she claimed to be unaware of a turkey being slaughtered behind her during a filmed interview; in fact, the cameraman said she had picked the spot herself, while the slaughter was underway.

Palin lied when she denied having rejected federal stimulus money; in fact, she continued to accept and reject the funds several times.

Palin lied when she claimed that legislative leaders had canceled a meeting with her to hold their own press conference; in fact, they only canceled it after being told she would not participate, and the purpose of the press conference was very different from the meeting's.

Palin lied when she announced on the news that she never holds closed-door meetings; in fact, she had just attended a closed-door meeting with the legislature earlier that day.

Palin lied when she said that former aide John Bitney's "amicable" departure was for "personal" reasons; in fact, Bitney said he was fired because of his relationship with the wife of Palin's friend, plus a Palin spokesperson later claimed "poor job performance" for his firing - without elaborating.

Palin lied when she said she kept her running injury a secret on the campaign trail; in fact, her bandaged hand was clearly visible in photographs and the story was widely talked about.

Palin lied when she claimed that Alaska has spent "millions of dollars" on litigation related to her ethics complaints; in fact, that figure is much, much lower, and she had initiated the most expensive inquiry.

Palin lied when she denied that the Alaska Independence Party supports secession and denied that her husband had been a member; in fact, even the McCain campaign noted that the party's very existence is based on secession and that Todd was a member for seven years.


Anonymous said...

Wow... a ton of NJ DEMOCRAT politicians are indicted and in ADDITION on Friday former Sen Wayne Byant was found guilty on all 12 counts of pension fraud and bribery.

Yet all you can focus on is the ex-governor on the other side of the country.

You are shameful you know that? Posting on here about stupid shit like that earlier post on "Palin's vagina" while YOUR PARTY continues to steal from this state.

Why don't You start DEMANDING that the NJ Democratic party clean up its own house instead of posting about a governor on the other side of the USA?

Or are you too part of the corrupt "machinery"?

FlyerzFan said...

Excuse us, but Sarah overextended her 15 minutes of fame by about 14:59.5 through her mouth during the campaign. It's good to see she hasn't lost it -- her insanity, that is.

Anonymous said...


Funny how it is the Dems like Joey (and yourself) that are keeping her in the limelight.

But then again it is better to talk about Palin than it is to talk about what is going on in NJ, right fraud?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of lying Joey... Chris Dodd (D) lied when he said his mortgage was not a "sweetened deal"

But please by all means go and focus on an ex-Alaska governor... you people are bizarre... how about cleaning up your own house there Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Yeah let's focus on Palin while BIDEN fcuks up foreign relations

You Dems are funny... you focus on Palin Palin Palin while your guys are screwing things up, taking bribes, and getting "sweetened" mortgages yet denying it.

Anonymous said...

Why focus on Palin? You in love with her or something. How about some local criticism of the Democratic party

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, a Democrat, told the undercover agent that "I could be indicted and still get 85 to 95% of the vote" in his election race."

FlyerzFan said...

Hey, Joey, I didn't realize there were these many conservatives in New Jersey -- five -- and I find it interesting they all posted anonymously.
As for "Saaarrr-ah, Saaarrr-ah," Palin put herself in the national spotlight by accepting the VP spot (McCain probably had one hand on the phone, the other holding hemlock, when he offered) and coming through with outrageous comments, fear-mongering and just plain stupidity.
Why do we still jump when she speaks? Let's see, you're talked about as a potential presidential candiate in 2012, but you quit your position as governor. Then you use the military, who are not defending OUR freedom but the freedom of foreign citizens, to spout off at the media. Following her is like waiting for the train wreck to occur!

Anonymous said...

Both the names "Anonymous" and "FlyerzFan" are equally anonymous would you not say? But let's not focus on me.

Let's compare and contrast how Republican Sarah Palin left office and Democrat Mayor of Hoboken Peter Cammarano left office.

Oh yeah... Cammarano left in HANDCUFFS. He just resigned after ONLY 3 WEEKS. Even THAT MUST be some sort of a NJ Democrat
party record.

Torcelli, McGreevy, Cammarano and the 40 some odd other Democrats...

No wonder you and Joey want us to focus on what happening on the other side of the country in Alaska... because if we actually focused on the CROOKED NEW JERSEY DEMOCRATIC PARTY MACHINE we would be APPALLED.

When are you going to stop supporting the CROOKS? Please... for the sake of New Jersey run these maggots out of office...

You have to be a real moron to keep electing these people in.

But then again... people keep electing Democrat Marion Barry too. What a collective IQ you all must have you friggin crooks.

Anonymous said...

By the way FlyerzFan... you do realize that the NJ Democratic Party is the "standard" for corruption right? You are aware that the party that you and Joey support and give money to is best known as one of the most corrupt, right?

The NJ Democratic Party makes Tammany Hall look like choir school.

Yet I bet that you are STILL going to support them and you are going to spend more time deflecting criticism by talking about the former Gov of Alaska of all things.... and by labeling those who criticize the NJ Democratic Party as a Conservative/Republican.

Oddly enough I am neither. I am an atheist and that keeps me from being "Conservative". And I am not affiliated with the Republican party in anyway.

See... you and the pack of goons that you and Joey support make this one of the worst states to live in. On parts of Illinois and Louisiana are worse... and they too have a huge corrupt Democratic machinery.

You know this to be true... yet instead of cleaning your own house people like you and Joey attack Sarah Palin and me.

You do realize that you are supporting crooks right? And Joey, if you bother reading your own blog, I know you are supporting them with money.

Why don't you guys focus on cleaning your own house??

Joey lamented in a former blog about people making jokes regarding NJ. NJ is a joke and will continue to be one as long as the NJ Democratic party is given carte blanche by the likes of you two.

And FlyerzFan... you said following Sarah Palin is like watching atrain wrecik about to occur. You have some balls saying that when your own party is inundated with indictments left and right.

Why not open your eyes and realize that you and Joey have no room to talk.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article titled "Jersey: The Most Politically Corrupt Place on Earth"

Everyone on here is a Democrat.

Yet you and Joey STILL proudly suppoort Tammany Hall 2.0. Do you guys have ANY shame?

Anonymous said...

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