Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Jersey & PA: Perfect together!

New Jersey has a certain reputation in the nation. On late night TV---Letterman, Leno, Conan---all jokes seem to end with the punchline of either "George W. Bush" or "New Jersey" these days. I think the only late night show that stays away from the NJ jokes is The Daily Show----maybe that's because host Jon Stewart is from the great Garden State [born in NYC, but grew up in Lawrenceville, New Jersey]. So, maybe that's why he leaves NJ alone. We are so lucky.

We're made fun of. Ok. We're tough. We can take it. We're friendly. We get along with other states. Well, one of them, at least.

Well, we certainly get along with our neighbor to the west, Pennsylvania. Why, just this morning we agreed to a major project: dredging the Delaware! That's right, we may not agree with New York on who actually owns Liberty Island or the fact that the Giants play here and should be called the New Jersey Giants----but when it comes to Pennsylvanians----dig we must!

The NJBIZ website reported today that "New Jersey and Pennsylvania agreed today to move ahead with a Delaware River dredging project expected to increase the depth of the waterway’s main channel by five feet from its current 40-foot level." And what state could not use an "extra five feet" in its channel?

The article goes on to say that "The project, which let larger ships navigate the waterway, will run about 100 miles, from the mouth of the Delaware Bay to Philadelphia/Camden stretch of the river."

Maybe size does matter. Bigger ships may mean bigger bucks for New Jersey. But we will have to share the bigger bucks with Pennsylvania, I guess. Take that, New York!

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