Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Can’t we all just get along? Republicans slap each other around in Hunterdon

And so, now the Republicans, frustrated over their inability to win nationally, in the state of New Jersey, and in special elections in Flemington and Morris Township ----have started to fight amongst themselves.

Now the Republicans have started slapping each other around---literally: Assemblywoman Marcia Karrow, someone known for her passionate stands on such issues as the Highlands and open space, is being accused of assaulting fellow Republican and former Mayor of Raritan Township, Chris Harcar. Seems that they got in to a scuffle at a phone bank at the Kuhl Corporation, and Karrow ripped a phone script out of Harcar’s hands, bumping her or hitting her in the process ---according to who you believe. I hope these two don’t require more tax money from Hunterdon residents to settle out their bout.

And, as usual, Republican chairman Henry Kuhl could not be reached for comment by the press. But even if the press could reach him, he never has much to say. Still owes me $50 from our bet in the 2005 governor's race.

And that’s not all.

Last month, it was the Hunterdon County Republican Party suing County Clerk Mary Melfi [and fellow Republican] over ballot position when they could not decide in-house who was to get the best ballot spot in the Sheriff’s race. [Check the link to see their completely updated website ----showing Doug Forrester running for governor!]

County Clerk Melfi was authorized to hire Republican election law attorney John Carbone to advise her office on the matter ---for legal fees for up to $15,000 on the backs of Hunterdon County taxpayer. This is in spite of the fact that County Counsel Guy DeSapio already is on the payroll, and is a very knowledgeable lawyer, and already on the County payroll. Did I mention that Guy was already on the Republican payroll?

In that fight, Melfi gave the top line in the Republican Primary for freeholder to her good buddy Frank Fuzo, trying to get his seat back on the Freeholder board after losing in a primary two years ago to Marcia Karrow in the Assembly race. Fuzo is challenging long-time Freeholder George Melick for his spot. Fuzo and Melick have battled for years while on the all-Republican freeholder board. It will be interesting to see if these two actually have to run together in November.

Melfi’s ‘reason’ for giving Fuzo the top line: she said that she gave the top slot to the candidates who filed earliest. Really! While the state gives county clerks wide discretion in how to set up the ballot, clerks cannot make up rules 'out of whole cloth' --- without telling the candidates. New clerk Mefli certainly knows how to pay back her supporters. And she didn’t need to pay John Carbone $15,000 to tell her how to do that. Earth to Melfi: It’s not good to get sued by your own party in your first six months as county clerk.

Also, Freeholder George Muller gave up his seat to run for sheriff, and he has opponents in Tony Critelli [a former sheriff’s officer], Deborah Trout [another former sheriff’s officer], and Buzz Howell [another former something-or-other Republican.] So, while the future former Freeholder expected the top line on the ballot in the sheriff’s race, he got it. However, the party line went to Critelli. Only in some parts of the County in the 23rd, Muller is bracketed with Senate candidate Leonard Lance, and some parts he is not. It was a compromise they no one liked, few understood and cost taxpayers money in legal fees to Carbone. Really.


Stephen Yellin said...

Hi Mr. Novick,

We've met at a few DFA events in the past. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your blog and with your campaign this year. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Joey Novick here. Thanks for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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