Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"First things first, but not necessarily in that order." Doctor Who

I love walking around on Main Street in Flemington. You run into the most knowledgeable Republican people there:

“Leonard doesn't speak up enough for the Republican Party”, said a local Republican in Hunterdon County of Minority Leader Leonard Lance, ---a local Republican who shall remain nameless. “That’s why he will be challenged for his leadership position in the Senate by Tom Kean, Jr.”

Let’s just say that my Republican source was a former leader of the Hunterdon Republican County Committee, who knows how to come clean when it comes to washing dirty laundry of politics.

So, Jr., fresh off his defeat last year in the US Senate race, and facing a very active opponent in Gina Genovese, former Mayor of Long Hill Township in Morris County is already planning to challenge Senator Leonard Lance to be the Minority Leader in the Senate. My advice to Mr. Kean: Put first things first.

Now, I do admit that the 21st Legislative District, which covers parts of Union, Morris, Somerset and Essex Counties, is a fairly Republican district by and by. And Jr. does have the edge there. But, Gina is no slouch, either.

She is a Democrat, elected in a predominately Republican town. She was one of the first [if not the first] openly gay Mayors in New Jersey. She is very progressive, in a part of New Jersey that is rapidly becoming more and more progressive itself.

She has run a tennis instruction camp for more than a quarter of a century in Morris County, and has lots of name recognition. And she will have much support from the Morris County Democrats [fresh off their great win in the Morris Township special election], the gay and lesbian community in NJ, and volunteers from New Jersey for Democracy. And of course, the New Jersey State Democratic Committee is likely to make her race a priority ---- seeing that her opponent is Kean, Jr.
So, Tom, before you plan to take on Senator Lance, you’ve got to get by Gina first. And, that, ain't gonna be easy.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately most of Gina's local support has left her. Gina, her parnter, and her campaign manager lodged some really despicable attacks on their political opponents which ultimately lost them hundreds of votes. Her mean-spirited, vindictive personality is what people who have dealt with her in local politics see. It is a shame because she started her political career very well liked in Long Hill and now most of the town citizens despise her. Kean has already signed up an army of angry Long Hill Republicans/unaffiliates/ and even some Dems to help him. Kean will have an easy win.

ImprovforLawyers said...

If you're so sure, why post anonymously? Let us know who you are, at least.

Anyway, certainly a compelling argument can be made that Jr. has the 'numbers' of voters in his side---the Republicans out number the Dems in the district. However, I still contend that his loss in the US Senate race, combined with his flip/flop support of this President will hurt him the most. His core values will be his undoing. Tough race for Gina, but winnable. His race, along with Senator Ellen Karcher, will be closely watched and well-funded.

Anonymous said...

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