Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stupid is as Stupid Does

The video of Miss South Carolina/Teen America Lauren Caitlin Upton has been blasted over the web for the past several days.

I read somewhere that she has been seen by an astounding twenty million-plus people world-wide ---more people than who watched the actual Miss Teen America pageant itself.

A Republican elected official in Hunterdon County criticized me in an email for pointing out that Ms. Upton’s representative in Congress is a Republican. "What difference does that make?” he wrote. Your always trying to prove that Republicans are stupid and Democrats are smart.”

I needn’t point out the irony of his spelling “you’re”, ‘Y-O-U-R’.
Indeed, a point well made.

However, I do think our presidents, by and large, are smarter than theirs.

We have Jimmy Carter (winner of the Nobel Peace prize and a guy who studied nuclear physics in his youth) and Bill Clinton (a guy who won a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford and who attended Yale Law School). They have Ronald Reagan ("Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do,") and George W. Bush (too many to list here!).

You decide.

However, here is the real question:
Is President Bush smarter than a Miss Teen South Carolina? Again, you decide:

And finally, Ms. Upton quizzes YOU on geography, too.

Think you're so smart?

Maybe she cannot find the U.S.A. on a map of the world, but obviously her Press Agent was able to find a great connection at People Magazine.


Rob Tornoe said...

I hadn't seen the quiz at People. Boy, she REALLY turned the table on us! She's not dumb, not dumb at all! She knows where Lesotho is...and that Antarctica is cold.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Good PR move, though,

Anonymous said...

You forgot Ronald "Catsup is a vegetable" Reagan.

Anonymous said...

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