Thursday, February 7, 2008

It’s Election Day…again.

In the movie Groundhog Day, weatherman Phil Connors experiences the same day over and over again. Now it seems that Michigan and maybe Florida may want to do ‘Election Day’ over again. Once more with feeling, and maybe they can actually seat their delegates.

Michigan has a good number of delegates –156, to be exact. The state set their presidential primary early early---on January 15th, in violation of the DNC rules. So, they got slapped back and their delegates did not get counted. No Democrat stepped foot in to Michigan to campaign.

Now, Michiganders---like State Senator Tupac Hunter of Detroit [an Obama supporter] wants to get back in the game. "We don't want to go into the convention with Michigan and Florida hanging in the balance," he declared.

Their new primary or caucus could be in June, but the Obama-Clinton race might be over by then anyway. Oh, well.

Glad we got all that done and done in New Jersey real early.

Now, of course, Assemblyman Mike Doherty wants to turn the clock back and make NJ be irrelevant again: He is going to introduce legislation moving presidential primary back to June.
“…here is an easy way to save more than ten million dollars without having a negative impact on the people of this state…holding one primary election instead of two is just common sense.”
Yup, just common sense. In SillyLand, maybe.

Mr. Doherty: Records numbers of young people registered to vote. Record numbers of people voted ---on both sides of the aisle. New Jersey was relevant in the primary, unlike in years passed. Candidates came and campaigned here----again, on both sides of the aisle.

But maybe you’re right.

Since the Democratic Party will win the White House anyway, and will be united behind the re-election of the president in 2012, we won’t have the need for a primary in NJ, anyhow.

Only your party will.

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