Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Jersey and the Giants: Perfect Together

Congratulations are in order for the Giants, who play in New Jersey half the time, and elsewhere around the nation the other half---but never in New York City. Their most recent road game was in Arizona, against the almost perfect New England Patriots.

And the Giants of New Jersey were perfect, upsetting the New England Patriots, as well as many fans in Boston, I assume.

All the other teams that play in New Jersey are named for New Jersey. The New Jersey Devils. The New Jersey Nets. There's the New Jersey Cardinals (A). And the New Jersey Jackals.

And the Giants should be known as the New Jersey Giants. Maybe an act of the State Legislature or perhaps a Executive Order. But that is for another day.

Today the Giants of New Jersey are the world champions of football, and Eli Manning deserves to be asked the question:

"Eli Manning, you just won the Super Bowl. What are you going to do now?"

And we can only hope Manning answers, "I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure!" ---but I doubt it.

Congrats are in order either way.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you and Richard Codey can share a crying session together over the team name.
Face it. Since 1925 the Giants have represented the city of New York, and two million people turned out to celebrate that fact on Tuesday. Doesn't matter if they play in Oshkosh. They are and always will be the New York Giants.

Anonymous said...

and just how many games did the Giants play in NY this year?

Lizetysfo said...

and just how many games did the Giants play in NY this year?