Monday, May 5, 2008

The Political Brain

In his book, "Don't Think of An Elephant", George Lakoff shares his wisdom about how the new conservatives---the 'neo-cons'--have more or less framed the debate on the many issues that we argue about on a day in day out basis. Progressives, he tells us, have traditional American values, but have been unable to state them very successfully or clearly to the electorate.

That book came out after the 2004 election and challenged how the Karl Roves have been very successful in framing the debate.

Now, four years later, we can only hope that progressives have learned something. To watch Senator Obama is proof that we have. However, to watch Senator Clinton, makes me think that she has learned more from Karl Rove. That, however, is for another blogpost.

If you enjoyed "Don't Think of An Elephant", then you may enjoy another book, too: "The Political Brain" by Drew Weston.

From Gov. Howard Dean:
“Drew Westen is a must read and must hear for any Democrat… In 2008 we will win the presidency if our candidate reads and acts on this book.
Everyone's brain works differently. Everyone takes in information differently:
The Political Brain shows how a different view of the mind and brain leads to a different way of talking with voters about issues that have tied the tongues of Democrats for much of forty years—such as abortion, guns, taxes, and race. You can’t change the structure of the brain. But you can change the way you appeal to it.
Hopefully, progressives won't have to be reading about what went wrong with their message in '08, sometime in 2012.

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