Friday, May 9, 2008

Today, Dick Zimmer called himself, “The Un-Lautenberg”.

He’s also the “Un-Torricelli and the “Un-Holt”. These are all the people Zimmer has lost to. Maybe he is also the Un-Yousouff, by this point. Joe Yousouff was the last guy Zimmer beat, waaay back in 1994.

Once unbeatable in his day ---but now, Dick Zimmer is so last century.

I don’t know what the Republicans were thinking when they thought of Zimmer, after Estabrook dropped out and the Goya Guy fizzled. Zimmer could not even win the line in his own county.

If you are a 30 year old voter, with a family and kids living in New Jersey and paying exorbitant amounts for gas and property taxes, you were 16 years old the last time Zimmer won an election. Does anyone outside of insider Republican Party hacks know who this guy is?

Zimmer told the Star Ledger that “I'm not promising I'll win the pork barrel game…[W]hat I want to do is make it possible for taxpayers to keep their money in the first place."

Of course, this is the case only if he is not working as a lobbyist and getting paid his piece of that pork barrel pig. Like the big bucks he made from working as a lobbyist for Hunterdon and Somerset Counties trying to stop the Highlands legislation -----where he porked-barreled his way to $15,000 a month. He failed at that effort: So, tell us, Dick---are you going to give back to the tax payers any percentage of that money you took on their behalf?

Zimmer complained that New Jersey gets fewer dollars from Washington than just about any other state, and that Senator Lautenberg is not bringing home the bacon. Dick---how can you be against pork barrel spending, take the big government contract dollars yourself when it suits you, and then complain that Senator Lautenberg isn't bringing back enough in pork barrel spending??

Another clueless wonder is Murray Sabrin, who keeps on calling for his opponents to drop out----while he drops campaign cash bet last weekend on the Kentucky Derby. And he calls himself the front runner. He is about as much of a front runner as the horse he bet on ---- Cowboy Cal---who galloped his way to a ninth place finish.

So, my prediction for the Republican Senate candidate race winner is Jersey Joe Pennacchio, who is running commercials with the catchy jingle. However, this Jersey Joe is out of his league, if he thinks he can beat either Andrews or Lautenberg. His current values seem to be in line with the "Nationalist Agenda" values he espouse back in the early 90's.


Anonymous said...

I am a conservative republican living in this garbage state called New Jersey. The democrats have ruined this state and the republicans are too stupid to do anything about it. Three losers running in the republican primary. What hope is there left?

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