Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who Wants to be a Democrat?

I am so glad that the presidential campaign season has finally begun. The two candidates ---Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain--- can finally get their campaigns started. It was getting soooo boring there for a few months.

My Aunt Rose lives in Florida, and whenever I have the chance to visit, it’s like living in a Seinfeld episode. She is 83 years old, and a life long Democrat. She is just less than 5 feet tall, wears very thick glasses and walks with a walker. She plays Mah Jong, Canasta, and has voted Democratic for more than sixty years. The area in Broward County where she lives is so Democratic, it would make your teeth hurt.
Back in 2000, she was one of many voters who may have voted for Pat Buchanan. When I asked her if she voted correctly given the ‘chad’ system, she became very indignant, and yelled at me.

“What, are you out of your mind? Of, course I voted correctly! Of course, I voted for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman.....I think.”

"I think." That’s what we need today: More ‘thinking’ Democrats.

After spending the last several months reading about how Hillary supporters are not going to be supporting Obama, I ventured to talk to my Aunt Rose about it.

“I cannot support O-Bama”, she said, saying his name with a loud “O”. By this time, I had to follow through. “But, why not? He’s a Democrat,” I declared.

“He is a secret Muslim.”
“ ‘A secret Muslim?’" I pondered.

“ ‘A secret Muslim," she repeated.
"And just where did you get that idea?”

“From my friend, Shirley. It’s true”

“And just how does Shirley know this, that he is "a secret Muslim?’ ?” I ask.

“Oh, Shirley is on the websites all the time. And she gets the email. She knows.

‘On the websites.’ ‘The email’.

This is what passes for knowledge these days. Oh to be a retired Democrat in Florida.

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