Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Corzine is ready to go

It's more than official: Christie vs Governor Corzine.

I was blogging at the Corzine for Governor event tonight, and got to see first hand who is the team with the governor.

Labor. LBGT folks. College students. Seniors. The African-American community. The Latino community. All working on parallel tracks to re-elect Jon Corzine.

No wounds to heal; no need to attend a "united front" breakfast----Corzine campaign hits the ground running. Tonight the VP was in town. I am sure that President Obama will visit before the campaign is over.

On Christie's side, I am sure that he will have Lonegan out there campaigning for him. Good luck with that. As well presidential losers Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

Important note: No pro-life/anti-choice candidate has won state-wide in New Jersey in more than two decades. Chris Christie may have coasted on the coat tails of US attorney reputation to the nomination---but now he has to run in the issues.

And his primary run forced him to the right on most issues. He has declared his anti-choice position, and his opposition to taking any federal stimulus dollars----in spite of the fact that NJ sends more dollars to Washington than just about any other state.

So, over the next 153 days until November election---the choice is clear.