Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I heart Huckabee-NOT.

It’s hard to believe that both Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee served as governor of Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton have only three things in common: They both served as governor of Arkansas; they both loved to eat; and both had Dick Morris as a political adviser.

That is where the similarity ends.

Huckabee, who is surging in Iowa and Florida, is a Christian Evangelical’s dream candidate. Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister and solidly pro-life, and does not believe in evolution.

Here are examples of his extremism:

Huckabee indicated that he does not believe in evolution during a GOP primary debate.

Huckabee said it is imperative to “take this nation back for Christ.” [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 6/8/98]

Huckabee said that most prisoners would love to be in a jail like Guantanamo Bay. Said the former Governor: “Most of our prisoners would love to be in a facility more like Guantanamo and less like the state prisons that people are in in the United States.” [ThinkProgress 6/7/07]

Huckabee called legal abortion a “holocaust.” Huckabee told the Family Research Council: "It might be for the last 35 years, we have aborted more than a million people who would have been in our workforce had we not had the holocaust of liberalized abortion under a flawed Supreme Court ruling in 1973." [CNN, 10/21/07]

Prior to leaving office, Huckabee had online gift registries allowing lobbyists to know exactly which gifts to buy him in order to curry influence. In response a former Arkansas state government official was quoted as saying: “He’s using the trappings of the governor’s office to get everything he can, and the sad part of it is, I honestly believe he does not see anything wrong with this,” [Arkansas News Bureau, 11/13/06]

Huckabee falsely claimed that most of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were clergymen. In fact, only one of 56 was indeed a clergyman. Huckabee said: “The signers of the Declaration of Independence were ‘brave people, most of whom, by the way, were clergymen.’” Per the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly’s website PoliFact, only John Witherspoon was a clergyman. [PolitFact.com, 10/21/07]

On Huckabee’s campaign website, he says that religion “drives” his decisions and that he does not separate religion from his professional life. Additionally, Huckabee pledges on his website that, as President, he would “staff all relevant positions with pro-life appointees.” Huckabee also says that his efforts in Arkansas to infringe on a woman’s right to choose “are the accomplishments that give him the most pride and personal satisfaction.”

And, some creepy one-liners from Governor Huckabee:

Huckabee “joked” that he lost weight because Democrats put him in a concentration camp. "I have just come from six weeks at a concentration camp held by the Democrat party of Arkansas in an undisclosed location, making a hostage tape. That's why I look that way,” he said. [Arkansas Times, 10/6/06]

Huckabee said that only Baptists go to Heaven. “I love to tell the story of the lady who asked me in my early political life if it was true that I was a Baptist minister, and I said, ‘Yes, ma'am, that is true.’ She said, ‘Well, let me ask you, are you one of those narrow-minded Baptists who think only Baptists go to heaven?’ I said, ‘No, ma'am, actually I'm more narrow than that; I don't think all of the Baptists are going to make it.’" [Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 6/6/07.

Repubs: Think this man should be president? Think again.


Larry Perrault said...

I don't believe in macroevolution (common ancester to all life). And, I've read the best that both sides of the debate have to offer.

Anonymous said...

Both sides? What's the "other side"?

Linda said...

The other side comes from the Discovery Institute and Answers in Genesis. No non-fundamentalist denies the fact of descent with modification. The only people who question evolution publically are religious fundamentalists. Larry may be honestly curious, but he's guided by disingenuous people.

Anonymous said...

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