Monday, November 26, 2007

What’s past is prologue.

It’s always harder to blog everyday when it’s holiday time. Family was over for Thanksgiving, and we’re bogged down catching up on what’s going down. This Thanksgiving was especially fun due to the addition of our 14 year old cousin, Burkely. He has a great background in history, having won a medal for a National History Day competition at his school. He went on to compete in the state level competition, also.

I got a chance to do what I love to do with serious young people, which is discussing politics. While most 14 year olds lack the deep historical background necessary to have an understanding of exactly why what's past is prologue, Burkely’s studies and passion for history give him and edge in discussing politics.

We discussed the upcoming presidential primary [he’s not made a choice yet, but is definitely supporting the Democrat, and is not thrilled with Hillary Clinton]; the Iraq War [thinks we should never have entered and thinks we should get out very soon]; and President Bush [thinks he has got to be the worst president ever]. He was also looking forward to being able to vote in the 2012 presidential election, and was glad to hear that whoever wins in 2008, would probably be seeking his vote when he/she runs for re-election next time around.

Oh, I also introduced Burkely to the tried and true very annoying game of “Got Your Nose. Not so much the childrens' version, but the annoying adult version. You know ----that’s where you direct the unsuspecting participant’s attention to the area just below his/her chin, with a “Hey, you’ve got a food stain on your shirt!” When they look down, you tweak the participant’s nose, and shout, “Got Your Nose!” Always a fun and annoying activity at parties. My father handed it down to me, and I felt compelled to teach it to Burkely. He spent the remainder of the weekend doing this to his parents. I am sure they were pleased at his new skill.

So, while I hope that Burkely enjoyed the weekend of food, family, politics and board games, I learned a great deal about politics myself this weekend. I learned that if you’re jaded from being too addicted to the Sunday morning talk shows, CNN and C-Span, then speak to a serious and knowledgeable young person like Burkely, and they will set you straight.

Good deal for me: I'm less jaded about politics and Burkely learned a new game with which he can annoy his parents and friends.


Skell Jell said...

Which Burkely are you talking about? Are you talking about me? (Sorry I'm not there) but now I can respond to to your blog. You are the smartest one man comedy team I know.

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