Monday, March 31, 2008

Do Fences Make Good neighbors? Maybe not.

Do you support the construction of a fence between Mexico and the United States to help protect our borders? If you're a Republican, you probably do. But wait, there's more to the fence idea than meets the eye. Some towns don't want to get fenced in.

How would you feel, for example, if you had to give up part of your land to build the fence on? Through eminent domain? Or if part of your town were fenced off from another part of the town. That's exactly what is happening in Texas. They're fed up with the Fed's Fence Fiasco, and feel they're being messed with. Those small border towns that cried foul for years about being impacted with the cost of illegal aliens from Mexico ---and now are being forced to give up land through the dreaded eminent domain to make room for the fence. Some mayors might not know what eminent domain is. Hint: It's in the Constitution.

There's a bit of NIMBY involved in all this, m'thinks. The idea of a border fence certainly sounds like a great notion, but not the actual fence itself.

The Department of Homeland Security is building almost 700 miles of fence, and has filed dozens of law suits against landowners---including towns---to assert its authority to take the land for the 'public purpose' of border security. Now, those same towns that whined and moaned are now fighting back.

For example, the Fence in Brownsville, TX would cut right through University of Texas campus, and cut off the town from a municipal golf course. The mayor of Eagle Pass, TX stated that they have a good relationship with the town of Piedras Negras in Mexico.
"If there is a fire in Piedras Negras, the Eagle Pass Fire Department responds. If there is a fire in Eagle Pass, the Piedras Negras Fire Department responds."
He also said that the idea of border fence has not worked since the 16th century.

So, what do you dislike more ---eminent domain or undocumented aliens?


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