Friday, March 7, 2008

Power, Politics and Punchlines in NJ

This afternoon, I appeared again on Power & Politics with Laura Jones on News 12. They have invited me to be a guest on the first Friday of each month to talks about the lighter side of politics in the Garden State. I look forward to becoming a regular part of the show, and will enjoy working with them.

Maybe we will go with "Punchlines & Politics" as the title of the feature. Maybe, I will stick with "New Jersey: Politics Unusual".

Today, I spoke about the problems some towns will have if they merge with other towns---and what the names of the towns will have to change to. It was basically a re-run of my blog post from a few weeks ago on the same topic. I had fun on the show, Laura Jones was wonderful, and I look forward to the show again. For those of you who get News 12, my next appearance will be on Friday April 4th.

Today, I appeared on the show with
Zenon Christodoulou, who spoke on behalf of the Clinton campaign and Mayor Jun Choi of Edison, who spoke on behalf of the Obama campaign.

Also on the show was Steve Lonegan, the "number one" conservative in New Jersey---and the bane of Governor Corzine plans to get New Jersey out of debt. He gave me a copy of his book, "
Putting Taxpayers First". He asked me to read it, and "trash it on your blog, so people will buy it."

Agreed, Steve. I will read it and do so, if it rises to that level of trash.

So far, I read the introduction and the first chapter ---and there isn't much substance to it, and it seemed very simplistic thus far.

But I will plow through it, and report back. Anything to keep a right-winger happy.


Betsy said...

Are there any words with more than two syllables in that book?

Anonymous said...

Let's see..."right-wing"..."nut-case". Nope.

Betsy said...

Ohhhhh... sounds like the perfect reading material for fellow Joan Greiner.

Anonymous said...

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