Monday, September 29, 2008

Building bigwigs better bite on bedbug bill, by and by.

We are in the middle of an unpopular war, going into it’s sixth year. There is a bill in front of Congress that will make the US economy the largest socialist nation in the free world. There is a presidential election going on.

So, what is the big business in Trenton? Three lawmakers from northern NJ are looking to put a clamp down on blood-sucking creatures who annoy us at night.

Nope, not lawyers. Nor corrupt officials.

Joan Quigly, L.Harvey Smith and L. Grace Spencer are co-sponsors of legislation that will make landlords get rid of the bedbugs. I would have thought there were already laws on the books to breakdown the biting beasties from your bed. But, no.

The bill requires landlords to have the bedbugs exterminated, and pick up the tab in the process---and not pass the charge along to tenants. The fines should bug the landlords: $300 per apartment. Or $1000 per infested common area.

Funny how there is an uptick in the bedbug population during a presidential year.

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Anonymous said...

They hit NJ around 2006