Thursday, September 18, 2008

“I am Leonard Lance and I approved this message”

In 2006, the Hunterdon County Democrat newspaper did something really menschy: they took Mike Ferguson to task for his “Stender is a Spender” series of commercials. The commercials were low-brow, sophomoric and childish. The newspaper, known mostly for their conservative/Republican leaning editorial policy--- was highly critical of the radio and TV commercials that essentially lowered the bar for political campaigns in New Jersey – as if that were possible. Stender went on to be endorsed by every major newspaper in the district, including the Democrat. However, she did lose. But the Democrat was right about the commercials.

And so, it was with great surprise and disappointment that I now see that Senator Leonard Lance is using the same theme in a TV commercial---perhaps even a commercial recycled from 2006. While it is true that Mr. Lance does not have the campaign cash that Assemblywoman Stender does, he has lowered himself to the same levels that Ferguson did just two years ago.

Senator Lance has received praise from Republicans and Democrats alike over the years because of his honesty and his courage in taking on his own Party. And as long as I live in district dominated by Republicans, he seems better than most. While I don’t agree with him on all issues like the war, paid family leave, marriage equality, and the Bush tax cuts--- he certainly is much better representing the 23rd than Mike Doherty or Connie Myers. So, I hope he stays put.

But the Stender is a spender commercials were a departure form his usual campaign style, and it does not do him well at all to take that tack.

Hopefully, the Hunterdon County Democrat will use the same criteria to judge the commercial Mr. Lance is using, that they used in judging Mike Ferguson.


Anonymous said...

The "Stender is a Spender and and double sipping pension padder too" was a great commercial for one reason... most people still remember it. Even my youngest still remembers it.

The "Lance Dance" commercial is a very bland imitation with it's rhyming name.

And is stupid 1960 style cartoon really as effective as watching live people laugh over Stender being a Spender?

Anonymous said...

I think both commercials speak to the lowest common denominator for low-information voters. I don't like the Lance Dance commercial, either.

Anonymous said...

I agree... unfortunately the people who are undecided are generally the ones who are swayed by emotions. These ads are targeting them, not us.

If these undecided voters were like you and I we wouldn't even have all this money wasted on election ads and whatnot.

It would be a very simple affair.

Anonymous said...

Did you know the Lincoln Douglas debates lasted hours and hours? And people traveled for miles and miles to hear them debate for the presidency. The next time candidates debated for the presidency? One hundred years later, Kennedy/Nixon.

Debating should be some sort of a requirement.