Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain's Yawner

Senator John McCain made one of the most boring nomination acceptance speeches I have heard in years. He spoke for nearly one hour, and the most exciting thing of the evening was the balloon drop.

He, once again, told his very compelling POW story---the same one told by Fred Thompson, and was told tonight in a brief biographical film before his speech. He was long winded, and was short on specifics. The speech was choppy, and at times, there were many in the audience who simply did not applaud.

Governor Palin's speech was much more animated and uplifting. She definately outclassed her running mate.

So, now the games begin.


Anonymous said...

I see you are making amends for your rather sexist "horror vagina" remarks about Palin by complimenting her. Too bad the rest of the party isn't so enlightened.

NYTimes reports that Hillary is to be part of Obama's plan to "deploy female surrogates".

Wow... Hillary Clinton has been demoted to "female surrogate" for Obama.

That is how they phrased it in today's NYT article "Obama Camp Turns to Clinton to Counter Palin"

Obama made a huge mistake choosing Biden over Hillary and I will go so far to say this should have been an unbeatable Hillary/Obama ticket to boot.

But how could it with Chris Matthews out there promoting his "tingly leg" for Obama on Cable news??

Anonymous said...

Regarding Hillary: I was also think that she would have made a good VP candidate choice. However, I wonder if McCain would still have chosen Sarah Palin as a running mate.

She will be important on the campaign trail.

Anonymous said...

Would McCain have chosen Palin?? I dunno. Well maybe only because she really shores up the base for McCain. She did what none of those other "guys" running have done so far.

Picking a VP is always a strategic move. If you are weak in an area you pick the guy or gal that is going to help you out.

I am still trying to figure out Biden. Why pick Biden except to win Pennsylvania (which seems odd given Joe hasn't lived there since 10 years old).

He should have chosen Richardson or Hillary. That would have been a much better. Especially Hillary...

I guess Obama just didn't want all the baggage (aka Bill) coming along.