Tuesday, March 3, 2009

23rd Turns Right, and right again and again.

Is the 23rd the ONLY district left in NJ where the Right wants to alight?

First, Warren County freeholder John DiMaio [pro-life, pro-gun, anti-climate change, etc] gets the convention nod from Hunterdon/Warren to replace Marcia Karrow in the Assembly.

Then, Hunterdon Freeholder Erik Peterson [also pro-life, pro-gun, anti-climate change, etc] gets the county line in Warren and Hunterdon for the Assembly race.

And now, to complicate things even more---the Chief of Staff of Assemblyman Mike Doherty [ even more so pro-life, pro-gun, anti-climate change, etc]---Ed Smith has decided to jump in to the race. His stand on the key right wing issues---you guessed it----pro-life, pro-gun, anti-climate change, etc.

Does he believe in evolution, gravity, magnetism? Who knows.

So, just how does the average Republican voter choose between the right-wing guys running? Again, who knows. One is more right wing than the next.

Former Senator Lance was a reasonable Republican---labeled himself an Eisenhower Republican. And for a while Ms. Karrow was reasonable, too. But Doherty is about as anti-progressive as you can get, and so are the three heirs to the throne.

So, you can bet the words/phrases you'll hear most often in the coming primary will be "Reagen", "Pro-life", "I never raised taxes" and "Corzine is a %$#!"


Ken Bank said...

"So, you can bet the words/phrases you'll hear most often in the coming primary will be "Reagen", "Pro-life", "I never raised taxes" and "Corzine is a %$#!"

You forgot guns and gays.

Anonymous said...

I have serious doubts about how much mankind is contributing to 'global warming' (oops it is cold out so better call it 'climate change' until the summer).

But before the knee-jerk reaction kicks in and you all decide to label me a luddite I would like to say I might know a thing or two about science.

I do believe macro evolution is the best theory (or set of theories) that explains the fossil record. Micro-evolution is simply a fact.

I also am probably one of the few readers here who do daily solar observation (weather permitting) with a hydrogen alpha telescope at 6562.8 angstroms.

Having doubts about a new scientific theory such as global warming is a HEALTHY thing for science.

Especially when NOAA scientists come out and say that globe hasn't warmed in over 8 years even though CO2 output has increased. No one knows why... yet the science is 'done'. Obviously not.

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