Thursday, March 5, 2009

Twitter can track and report the microscopically minuscule movements

... of millions of people across America and the world.

Facebook can befriend/connect millions more, post videos, pictures, updates, report who you’re like, not like, Scrabulous plays, compare you to the dozens and dozens of denizens who like the same movies, desserts, and American Idol shows you like.

Google Earth can show you the front yard of the house you lived inn when you were 12 or back office of where your ex-spouse works. With a shake of an iPhone you can summon the GPS genie to let you know where the nearest Thai restaurant is located or which Starbucks is accepting a coupon for a dollar off on a Venti™ latte. IChat messages and videos of Paris Hilton going viral on some guy flow hither and yon faster than the lies from W’s mouth.

And yet, the power-computers that be and their super satellite allies in the sky could not track where the dollars were with any speed or accuracy to help us avoid or at least be forewarned about the current mess o’ money?

Now, I do have trouble balancing my checkbook when I can find it. And I use more than my share of cash machines and pay two bucks a pop because I forget to carry cash. But I am sure that someone somewhere could have done better.

As my Aunt Rose would say, “They can put a man on the moon, but they can’t figure out this drek.”

Problem is we have not put a man on the moon in more than 35 years or so. Hope we remember how. We could have Twittered our way to avoid this financial mess, me thinks.

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