Friday, March 6, 2009

Less state spending? Maybe start by cutting Lonegan's campaign money....

It's playing hand shadows:

Conservative candidate for governor Steve Lonegan the other day called for less state spending by cutting the DEP, Community Affairs, Health and Seniors Services, and Labor and Workforce departments.

Seems like a good idea to me---that way the only areas of the state affected are clean drinking water, clean breathable air, small towns and communities, senior citizens, and New Jersey’s working families. Seems absolutely workable without cutting in to the heart of New Jersey.

Ironically, the one area Mr. Lonegan seems to have neglected to cut is the funding of gubernatorial candidates themselves. This stalwart for less and less government is receiving money from the hand he wants to bite off----the state government itself. Lonegan is set to receive “an additional $139,640 in matching funds soon,” according to PolitickerNJ.

Now, if Mr. Lonegan was a true conservative libertarian as he claims to be ---over and over again ---he would refuse tax payer state funding of his Republican primary campaign, and seek funds from the private sector. Charlie Stiles of the Record called Lonegan, "The Bulworth of Bogota…kooky, iconoclastic wild card…the voice of the disenchanted party’s right wing..”

Now, a strong argument can be made that primary elections, unlike general elections are purely political party affairs and no state tax dollars should go to fund such races. However, that being said, Lonegan is certainly fun to watch, if nothing else, and his inclusion in the Republican primary does make the race more interesting to watch---so maybe that makes it worth the money.

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J.J. said...

I know he's having it rough given state Republicans have coronated Chris Christie. However, I agree: why should taxpayer dollars go to primary candidates?