Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Following the recession/Recession on Twitter

I am taking a long form improv workshop at the Magnet Theater in NYC. A group of theaters has sprung up on the Westside of Manhattan featuring long-form improv [as opposed to ‘short-form’ improv, the kind you’d see on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Anyway, I digress.

The class is filled with people much younger than I---mostly young actors and actresses making their way through the NYC acting scene, attempting to get their bite at the big NYC acting apple ---they are maybe 20s and 30s, tops. I attended law school with much younger folks, and feel comfortable in that environment, in case you're concerned.

Anyway, [again], during one class break we got chatting as a group, sharing some personal information about where we lived, where we grew up, went to college, yada yada, yada.

One young women [let’s call her ‘K’] shared that she lived in Long Island with her parents, and was going to move out when the “recession was over”. Hmm, I thought, she thinks these economic downturn thingies have a beginning, middle and end date. Sad to say for me, her perspective is certainly more hopeful than mine. With age comes wisdom, I guess.

But her comment got me thinking: This recession has not been ‘capitalized’ or ‘dated’ just yet [becoming The Recession like The Depression or The Great War, before we started numbering Great Wars]. Perhaps her perspective is colored by her experience, much as mine is. She follows the news in bits and bytes; emails, text-messages, and MySpaces/Facebooks. She has a “To Do” list that includes getting on with her life after the recession is over. And I am sure she will leave to future generations the capitalization of the whole Event.

So, let’s get on with Life, and not capitalize this recession, either. Let's follow the recession on Twitter ----but not become Friends with it on Facebook.

We all have much more important things to do, also. I am sure K will MoveOut very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me what she really meant is she will move out when her own 'personal recession' is over, not the country's.

Just a hunch.