Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And the headline reads: “Lesniak suggests Republican running mate for Obama.”

Yup, apparently the current Democratic State Senator, former Hillary supporter and former Democratic State Chairman [1992-94] suggests that Senator Obama needs “…for the good of the country, a Republican with foreign policy smarts and gravitas…” and that this “…would be a wise running mate choice.” He recommends Senator Richard Lugar.

His stated criteria seems wise enough. But are there not Democrats who fit the same bill--- with “foreign policy smarts”, and with “gravitas”, who would also be a “wise running mate choice”, also? What about Governor Bill Richardson? He was UN Ambassador. What about Senator Joe Biden? He has been on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for a long time. And what about General Wesley Clark? He has been, well, in the military.

There are probably other Democrats that fit the bill, also.

Although the Senator means well, in his assertion that “It would show that Obama wants to bring this country together,". Fair enough; after eight years of this President, we certainly need uniting. But, the last two times we had a president and vice president of two different parties, is did not work out so well. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are one pair. Abe Lincoln and Andrew Johnson are another. Go figure. Maybe the Senator thinks we need to try this arrangement at least once a century.

What about this same plan for New Jersey? Would the Senator advise Governor Corzine in the same way, when he chooses a Lt. Governor running mate in 2009? Maybe Senator Jennifer Beck might be available. She brings a unique approach, as she did in her race last fall. Maybe Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. or Senator Leonard Lance. They both bring strong family names
and a sense of NJ history. Or maybe Brett Schundler or Steve Lonegan ---for a good liberal/conservative balance. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I think that Senator Obama should stay the course, and pick a good Democrat. That would unite the country, and his party around him.

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