Thursday, July 10, 2008

The McCain Pause and the Straight Talk Express

Maybe it's a case of projectile disfunction. Many people in New Jersey pause when thinking about whether or not to vote for John McCain. “Hmm…” they think.

Hopefully, they’re taking more time than the eight seconds McCain took to give a non-answer to a question about health insurance, birth control and Viagra.

McCain touts his ‘straight talk’ on a myriad of issues…well, except, birth control apparently. From the answer the Arizona Senator [who opposes women’s right to choose] gave to MaeveReston of the Los Angeles Times about birth control, his talk was anything but straight. It was non-existant.

The reporter asked about whether it was fair for insurance companies to pay for Viagra, but not birth control.

McCain paused for a full eight seconds. And then said, “I don't know enough about it to give you an informed answer…because I don't recall the vote.”

Straight talk indeed.

Eight seconds in today’s short attention span/ADHD infested society is a life-time. It’s time enough for Kobe Bryant to score a winning basket. For the New Jersey Giants to kick that winning field goal. And, perhaps, for anyone from New Jersey to spew out the names of all twenty-one counties. Go ahead and try it:

I did.

Maybe McCain should try that for eight seconds.


Linda said...

It's the "I don't recall the vote" comment that is the worst. Even if he doesn't remember specific votes, he MUST know his opinion.

Which, of course, he does.

He thinks that Viagra is fine (esp for friends like Rush Limbaugh), but birth control is evil (and only for those trampy women who can't control themselves).

He just didn't want to say that on camera.

How's that for Straight Talk?

Anonymous said...

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