Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Signs of the times: The ACLU is at it again:

Well, those darn ACLU folks in New Jersey who want democracy and open government are at it again. They want to allow those who advocate for the election of local candidates to actually have the right to place political signs on the lawns of their own private property. Imagine that!

Some towns in New Jersey place a limit on the amount of time a private citizen can place a political sign on their lawn.

The shrews in Shrewsbury want those signs out for no more than sixty days before the election, it seems. High-falutin’ Hawthorne does not allow signs up for more than seven days after an election. If you have a political opinion, seems you’re gonna get screwed before or after an election in New Jersey.

I have a high opinion of the fine folks of the ACLU [being a card carrying member myself], and I make no bones about being miffed about laws that prevent people from placing political signs on their own lawns for whatever time period they want. They have been successful before eliminating such silly laws---in Franklin Lakes, for example.

Heck, if it’s your private property, you should be able to put up a political message 24/7/365 for all I care. What about a peace symbol on a flag that hangs year round? What about the American flag that says, ‘we’re a patriotic family’? Is there to be a time period for that, too?

These local ordinances are non-partisan---they have impacted supporters of Barack Obama and Ron Paul. Folks: Political speech knows no time limits. It’s endless.

For the record, I have called Mayor Patrick Botbyl of Hawthorne and Mayor Emilia M. Siciliano of Shrewsbury to see what’s up with the political sign issue. I await their calls, and will report when they do call.