Wednesday, August 13, 2008

“…and at halftime, it’s Team Obama by ten…”

“Welcome to half-time at what is an exciting game here in New Jersey between Team Obama and Team McCain…I am Kent Gostak, here with my fellow politico-sports color commentator, Tim Distims.”

“Yes, Kent ---it should be a real nail-biter out there, but Team McCain looks very old and tired. They don't seem to be on the field of play much out there at all----setting up shop in just one small office in Central Jersey in Woodbridge.”

“Yup, Tim --- Team McCain is just not giving themselves the opportunity to cover much----the greater part of the playing field of the north NJ and south NJ is left wide open. And rumor has it, they seem to be “sharing” that “office” with Team McCain New York….kind of like the Giants sharing the Meadowlands with the Jets!”

“That’s a good one Kent. Don’t put the Jets and Giants in the same place at the same time! [Tim laughs out loud]. But, that’s one office for about every 30 million people---not a good ratio of coverage for Team McCain USA----”.

“Thanks, Tim. I can always count on you to laugh at my bad jokes. Now, with Team Obama New Jersey, a completely different story. They have strong coverage on all fronts---north, south and central.”

“They have offices in West Jersey—boom! In Camden---boom, again! And in Edison! Boom times three! Now, that is coverage!”

“You got that right! A ratio of one office for every 3 million people, and for Team McCain----a lousy ratio one office for every 18 million people! That’s gotta hurt their Team, Tim.”

“Enough on geography---Now, let’s go to the issues. Team Obama is in the lead there, too. Healthcare. The Economy. Especially the war in Iraq. Team Obama is all over Team McCain---pouncing everywhere.”

“You got that right. New Jersey has spent more than $25 billion itself on this war ----and people are tired of this----that could pay for 2,751,979 people with health care for one full year. Or 398,195 teachers for the same one year. Or get this ---119,131 Affordable Housing Units. That's a lot of scratch!”

“That could save dollars in property taxes. Team Obama has the strategy in the game there. Team McCain's plan---they want to stay in Iraq for 100 years.”

“That’s gotta cost big time”.

Yup, again, Kent. And now to the 'people numbers'---Team Obama leads in most areas: Team Obama gets the support of 94% of black voters, and has a 15 point lead among women, is ahead among men, narrowly, 48%-45%, and leads among Independents, 45%-42%. But Team McCain leads among white voters (50%-42%).”

"But that's not as bad as the last place Team Bush NJ, who is lounging in the basement at a 26% approval rating."

“So, overall---in New Jersey, Team Obama still leads by 10 points over Team McCain. Now, back to the game…”

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