Monday, August 4, 2008

"We are proud of that commercial."

...John McCain, on a commercial that compares Barack Obama's popularity with that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Popular---you need to be pop-u-lar.

...and the commercial uses their likenesses without their permission ---something we here at NJPolitics Unusual would not do. Therefore, we paid a highly respected artist <------------ draw their likeness.

The commercial mainly takes Obama to task on the issue of his ‘celebrity'. Or as Bush might say, “Celibacy”. Or maybe “Celebritity’.

For some reason, the McCain campaign believes that the ability to draw tens of thousands of people to rallies in Europe, and seventy thousands of people to rallies in the states is somehow a ‘negative’.

Indeed, we certainly don’t want a president who is ‘popular’.

Perhaps McCain is so inspired by Bush’s poll numbers sliding down faster than the Jamaican bobsled team, that he feels the best way to become president is to be 'unpopular'.

The commercial shows a montage of celebreties who are popular, but apparently lack any substance ----Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are the prominent blonde duo in the spot. So, somehow we are supposed to draw the conclusion like Spears and Hilton, Senator Barack Obama is also shallow, stupid, and vapid.

Furthermore, perhaps McCain wants us believe that should Obama successfully move from Illinois Senator to the full-fledged POTUS, that he will immediately be--

Photographed by paparazzi without undershorts when he gets in to the Presidential limo.
He will be arrested for drunk driving and star in his own reality show.
And appear in an online sex tape---probably all in the same week he goes to his first G-8 conference. All of which might make even more popular, actually.

When you think about it, much of what Hilton and Spears have done, has been done before by other presidents. Bill Clinton exposed his underwear choice on MTV; Bush has been arrested for drunk driving; and even Ford appeared in a sort of reality show ---Saturday Night Live.

Of course, no president has appeared in an online sex tape—at least not yet.

Side note: Paris Hilton's parents [full fledged McCain supporters who maxed out], say that the commercial demeans their daughter.

Only in America could an appearance in a presidential campaign commercial demean someone who has been in jail, appeared on a reality TV show, and appeared in an online sex tape.

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