Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama Omerta for New Jersey

No one from New Jersey can be accused of being a 'close talker' at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Corzine? Nope. Lautenberg? Nope. Newark Mayor Cory Booker? Nope. And not even Senator Bob Menendez. No one is close talking, or doing any talking at all, for that matter. It’s a case of “Obama Omerta”.

Not one person from New Jersey will get any podium time at the Democratic Convention. One would think it’s because most were all Clinton supporters. Nope, not so. Obama supporter Congressman Steve Rothman? Nope, again.

Some say it is the lingering bad blood between the New Jersey Democratic Clinton-ites and the panorama of Obama folks.

But, remember, New Jersey also failed to support Lincoln in 1860 and 1864.

Sen. Bob Menendez declined a speaking role at the Convention because it was not ‘prime-time’ enough. Menendez was a strong supporter of Clinton. Anyway, Obama needs supporters like Menendez in order to reach out to Latino voters.

Classy guy that Menendez is, he said, “You know, the thing is: speaking is not important. Winning is," Menendez said. "Speaking is a moment in time; winning is a moment in history."

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Bill said...

Obama probably thinks that New Jersey is a "give me" state for him and that he will win it hands down. He is probably right!