Friday, August 1, 2008

Fellow Democrat: You can help Hillary, or you can turn the page.

Or surf to another website. Or post SuperPoke someone on Facebook. Or play Scrabulous with someone from across the world.

I received the email below from President Bill Clinton offering to let me have a shot at eating with himself and Hillary, if I give just $5 to help ‘retire that pesky campaign debt’.

I am sure that back in February the Clintons never figured they’d be sending out such a message about now.

Not a chance.

It must be quite a let down asking for 'Lincolns' instead of inviting supporters to the Linclon bedroom.

So, I gonna send in my five bucks. But, if I should win, I am not sure I want to have dinner and listen to Bill whine about the ‘pesky campaign debt’ and the fact that he’s gonna have to stay in New York instead of move back to the White House.

Maybe he will run for governor of New York now.


Anonymous said...

This is yet another joke right? Settle that "pesky debt". Bill Clinton certainly the son of a used car salesman...

Anonymous said...

Nope, no joke. A real email. "Pesky campaign debt" was a phrase in the email. They're hawking dinners with himself and Hillary to help settle the debt. For five bucks, I cannot imagine you're gonna get much. Maybe a burger, fries and soda.

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