Friday, August 29, 2008

Their Party picks Palin; now they’re in a pickle.

This is Maryline Blackburn, the 1984 winner of the Miss Alaska contest. More about her later.

McCain chose the 1984 second place finisher for his VP, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

As the Repubs gather in the Twin Cities starting Labor Day Monday, the NJ Repubs are just gushing over the pick. Conservative Steve Lonegan, Senator Diane Allen, Sen. Kevin O’Toole and Senator Bill Baroni just think she is the cat’s meow.

And Baroni thinks she puts “New Jersey in play” for McCain. Which Six Flags ride did Baroni just get off?

“Now we’re adding a conservative choice in Sarah Palin who appeals to New Jersey’s conservative and independent voters, men and women,” said Baroni to The PolitickerNJ. And just what is it about the Alaska Guv that will appeal to NJ voters??

A couple of pointers: No VP pick, short of Bruce Springsteen himself, could put New Jersey ‘in play’ for McCain. We know it. They know it. That’s just more Baroni balogna.

This women will not resonate with New Jersey voters at all: she has nothing on common with them. She hunts, is a member of the NRA, and is solidly anti-choice. She hunts, eats moose hamburger, ice fishes, and rides snowmobiles. She was the second runner up in the 1984 Miss Alaska contest. Maybe if she had won, and at least came to see Atlantic City, then we could talk.

I am sure Dan Quayle is thinking, "Great. I don't suck as a pick anymore." Oh, but she was born in Idaho, so maybe she can spell 'potato'.

Some quirks: She smoked marijuana in Alaska when ---it was legal, “but did not like it”. She eats moose-burgers. She was a sports reporter before becoming the Mayor of Wasilla, population 5200.

Palin opposes abortion and supported the 1998 constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. She supports the death penalty. She certainly has the same resume of every Jersey girl I know.

Now, the winner of the 1984 Miss Alaska contest, Maryline Blackburn, would probably appeal to NJ voters more effectively. She is African-American, a singer who has performed with Bob Hope, Peabo Bryson, and Cab Calloway. She has appeared in films with Tom Cruise and one directed by Spike Lee.

Now, that is a woman who would put NJ in play for McCain...


Aimless Writer said...

McCain is just looking to pick up the Hillary suporters.
Palin's only experience before becoming Gov a year and a half ago was mayor of a town of 6,000. So if something happens to McCain (God forbid) while in office our country will be run by a small town mayor from Alaska.
John! What were you thinking!

Saran said...

"Baroni balogna"? You mean "bologna", right?

Now after reading your post I have to agree with Elton John: I am shocked at the level of misogyny in America, especially in the Democratic party.

Who are YOU to be telling the women of NJ who they relate to and who they do not? Who are you to tell women what to think? The women of NJ should make the decision and you should have FAITH that they will make the right one. I certainly do but it appears though you are worried they may not. You appear worried they may see a little bit of something in Palin they can relate to.

So… you go and post the image of another Alaskan woman and say “she would be the one we relate to”. Had that picture been of Hillary Clinton all women would have agreed!!!! AND It could have been had you and the other men of the party had the courage to stand by the women and demand Hillary as VP.

You have the strangest way of healing the wounds recently inflicted you know that? I thought it was bad that McCain was attempting to “exchange one woman for another “but you just did the same thing! Where is the empathy??

While you are telling New Jersey women that Palin isn’t “one of you” she gave a speech and THANKED Hillary Clinton AND Geraldine Ferraro for blazing the path. It seems Palin has MORE RESPECT for Hillary than you fat cat party bosses do.

You had the chance to elect both the first African-American President and first female Vice President. You had a chance to double the history making. What an AMAZING ticket that would have been!! It would have been an administration so historic that people would be talking about it forever.

You could have pushed and pushed until Obama realized the mistake in choosing anyone other than Hillary. The men could have stood by the women and demanded the most sensible choice! That would have been REAL Unity!

But obviously there are some kinds of "Change" that isn't desired. Hillary is strong, smart, and the best choice and it was WHY she was not chosen. PERIOD! It is amazing how hard it is for the old “habits” to change; even in the most progressive of parties. Strong, independent, women are not desired on the top ticket. That might be hard to swallow but this election has shown it to be true.

Now had Obama chosen someone worthy of the VP slot maybe there would be forgiveness. Instead he chose BIDEN? Here is a man whose poll numbers ranked up there with Steven Colbert of Comedy Central. Biden received 1% of the vote in Iowa before dropping out. HOW can ANYONE believe BIDEN can gain votes for Obama compared to Hillary? Hillary is much more qualified yet Biden got the job. If this isn’t misogyny I do not know what is!!!

Had Hillary been chosen for the VP slot McCain would be scratching his head figuring out how to lose with some dignity left. An Obama/Hillary ticket WOULD HAVE WON!

Now that McCain has chosen a woman as a running mate you instantly blog "women of NJ… she isn't one of you." What’s wrong with you? Why the rush to publish your blog in the middle of the day about this? I know your job is keep the party faithful but is that how you do it, by ensuring that Palin, a mother of 5 children, has nothing in common with them? That’s rather insulting isn’t it? It appears you lack any understanding or empathy in this matter.

Now I see why you keep telling that story about your Floridian mother who was a huge Hillary supporter but finally chose Obama. An unknown Floridian woman has more credibility than you.

Anonymous said...

Well, Saran, you have an active mind. Guess sarcasm does work so well in this day.

The point of the sarcasm was to poke fun at McCain's judgement in picking this woman, and to poke fun at Baroni's ludicrous assertion that this woman would have anything in common with women in NJ.

Women in NJ, by and large, are independent thinking voters, who are not swayed by the gender of a candidate, but by the candidate's stand on the issues. For example, take the 1997 race between Whitman and McGreevy. He lost the election, but won the majority of the female vote.

The piece is satire, and nothing more. And, by the way, I would have supported Hillary for VP. Or P.

And the woman in Florida is my mother. I can talk about her whenever and in whatever I want. She will still never stop playing canasta.

Thanks for correcting the spelling of "bologna" for me, by the way.

njpuma said...

"I am confident a woman can work and think and carry a baby all at the same time." -Sarah Palin

Everyone is saying McCain hits it out of the park. Dean and the rest of the DNC hijacked the nominating process and you want us to all stand in line.

While the sham convention is over we are not leaving. If you love Hillary come to our meetup Sep 3.

Just Say No Deal!!!!
Biden WON'T LAST!!!!

Straten said...

I think New Jersey women are much more intelligent than portrayed in this blog.

Roland Straten

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm and parody aside, women don't vote on the basis of the candidate's gender. They vote on the basis of issues.

When all the hoopla-dee-da settles, the voters have the next eight weeks to decide who can keep our nation safer, has a better plan for the economy, and a better vision for the future.

It is clear that while Ms. Palin may be a good 'flavor' for the Republicans at this point in time, she lacks many important qualities to be the vice president of the United States ---mostly her stands on the issues.

She opposes reproductive freedom for women, a key issue for independent thinking women of NJ. She supports McCain's stand on the war.

Anonymous said...

Hillary supporters really need to get over it. Obama won, period. Hillary lost.

If the PUMAs want McCain for 4 years, then vote for him.