Saturday, September 29, 2007

All in The New Jersey Family

“A North Jersey mayor and his wife have been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to commit extortion and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. They are accused of extorting gifts and cash that paid for gambling, plastic surgery and a dog.” (9/29/07 New York Times)

It’s nice to see a married couple still sharing interests together. Especially if they're from small town America: Guttenberg, NJ (in the middle of Hudson County) is just 11 blocks long and 4 blocks wide.

Of course, in New Jersey in Hudson County those 'shared interests' include the family dog, gambling trips to Atlantic City and…extortion. Gotta love New Jersey.
"Mayor David Delle Donna, 49, of Guttenberg, a tiny town wedged into populous Hudson County, surrendered to federal agents yesterday in Newark. He and his wife, Anna Delle Donna, 58, appeared in court and were released on $100,000 bail. They are accused of accepting the gifts and money from a bar owner in exchange for political favors." New York Times, 9/29/07
(My apologies to Charles Stouse and Lee Adams, songwriters of the "All in the Family" TV theme song.)

All in The New Jersey Family

berg’s Mayor and his wife
Took bribes so they could have a better life
Helped a Guttenberg bar through its strife.

Those were the days.

“Cash is what it takes you see;

To get a dog, and for plastic surgery
Mister, We could use a trip ---
The shores of Atlantic City, again.”

“We’re not guilty of the crime!”
“We never took dough - not one thin dime!”

Gee --they’ll end up doing time.

Those were the days

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