Monday, September 3, 2007

The NJ Devil Made Me Do It

In Cape Cod, Massachusetts, whale watching is a big tourist attraction. You're watching whales, and they don’t even know they’re part of the show.

You pay your twenty to thirty dollars per family member, and the Whale Watch folks absolutely promise you’re gonna see a whale or two. Isn’t that a great deal? I so do not know how they get the whales to show up each and every day guaranteed.

Do they schedule them?

“Orca, you’re on for Tuesday at 1pm. Moby, you have the 4pm spot.”
“Sorry, no can do, chief. I am mating that afternoon. Got my whale songs picked out and everything. Me and Willy, He’s free that afternoon”.

“Hmm. Mating? We could charge more money for the ‘watch’ then…”

Same thing for the Amish Country in eastern Pennsylvania. Just drive around from road to road in Lancaster.

Your family is almost guaranteed to see an Amish family ---buggies, beards, babies and all. It is truly amazing.

We have our First Amendment freedom to worship as we choose---and what do we do to a people who come here to exercise that freedom? Make them into a tourist attraction.

So, what do we have in New Jersey that is the equivalent to the whales in Mass and the Amish in Pennsylvania?

Why the New Jersey Devil himself, that little rascal.

Folks will travel all over New Jersey trying to find him/her/it around the state. What a way to vacation.

Aren’t you glad the summer is over?

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