Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Heart New Jersey

Bush must love us in the Garden State.

First, he picks Michael Chertoff, former Seton Hall Law professor and native of Elizabeth, NJ as the Secretary of Homeland Security, -----when NY’s Bernard Kerik was forced to drop out of the running.

Next, when he needs a new Supreme Court Justice, he first chooses his former personal lawyer from Texas and then-current White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, Harriet Miers. When she tanked, where did Bush go once more? To NJ, to get the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Judge Samual Alito ---a Trenton born guy.

So, when his number one man in the White House, Karl Rove, submits his resignation ----where does Bush go again?

The Garden State, that’s where.
“Burlington County native Ed Gillespie has been a congressional aide, Republican National Committee chairman, campaign official for President Bush and a high-powered Washington lobbyist. Now Gillespie has accepted what could be his toughest assignment yet. In his recently acquired role as White House adviser, Gillespie, 46, is helping shape political and legislative strategy for the remainder of Bush's term.” (Chebium, Gannett)

But not everyone thinks he will do a great job:

"Ed Gillespie is a longtime Republican operative who will bring the same divisive brand of politics to the White House that has damaged the Republican Party and been bad for the country," said Karen Finney, spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee. He does not bring new ideas or a fresh approach, just more of the same."
So, Ed, we in the Garden State salute you. We wish you well over the next 496 days, or 11905 hours or 715,000 or so minutes, until the stroke of noon on January 20, 2009 when the long Bush nightmare is finally over.

Best of luck. Looks like you'll be stuck with the guy until then. Hope you've kept your New Jersey 'edge'.


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