Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Garden State vs. The First State

The Tale of the Tape:

In the northern corner, weighing in with a population of 8,717,925. The Garden State. A keg tapped at both ends. The Rodney Dangerfield of America ---the state that gets no respect, the birthplace of ‘The Boss”, the Chairman of the Board and the Genius in France ----the great state of New Jersey!

And in the southern corner, weighing in with a population of just 783,600; "The First State", "The Diamond State", "Blue Hen State" . And "Small Wonder". The Birthplace of Dr. Henry Heimlich and actress Valerie Bertinelli ----the great state of Delaware!

This is a grudge match over riparian or water rights that dates back to the 17th century. These two have met three times before. Their first bout, in 1877, resulted in a split decision. And in 1905 the result was a ‘compact agreement’. Finally, a 1935 Supreme Court ruling set the boundary at New Jersey’s low-water line “subject to the compact of 1905.”

So, this is the first time these two states have faced off mano a mano in front of the Supreme Court in more than one hundred years.

The folks from New Jersey say that the 1905 compact keeps New Jersey in control.

But the folks in Delaware claim that part of the river, known since Colonial times as the “12-mile circle,” and claims the land from its shore all the way to the low-water mark on the New Jersey side.

At stake: Who gets to control the New Jersey shoreline, and whether or not BP gets the thumbs up to build a $600 million terminal at Logan Township in Gloucester County to receive and process liquefied natural gas.

The bout will be held in D.C. on November 27th. Location: The Supreme Court.

Prediction: Take the Small Wonder and the points. Why: NJ gets no respect; the Garden State sends millions to DC and we get back fertilizer. And it is the Delaware River that is being discussed. 'Home' river advantage.

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