Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hey! New Jersey! Who says we don’t got no class?

We know we don’t get no respect from time to time from the likes of Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien ----thems makin’ with the 'Jersey jokes' and all ---all the friggin’ time. But, hey at least one goodfella from New Jersey knows the difference between goya beans and the artwork of famed Spanish artist Francisco de Goya.

So, hey, does this guy got class or what?

It appears that a certain Goya painting came in to the ‘possession’ of a Steven Lee Olson of Carlstadt.

The paintin’ in question is one Goya painted called “Children with a Cart"----he painted the thing waaaay back in 1778 as a model for a tapestry planned for the bedroom of a Spanish prince. Ain’t that somethin’? A friggin’ Spanish prince!
This here "Children with a Cart" shows this group of four kids, and includes this one kid blowing a horn and another kid with his back to the viewer. That got me thinkin’-----what’s with the kid's back to Goya for? What’s that kid hidin’, anyway? Hey, kid, turn the freak around! Don't be dissin' no Goya guy.

Anyway, the New Jersey guy in question----the guy who ‘acquired’ the Goya painting---came across this fine work of art at a motel in Stroudsburg, Pa ----from the transport drivers who were transportin’ it to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan from the Toledo Museum of Art. Is that cool or what? A paintin' all the way from Toledo, Ohio to the Big Apple. Wonder if this guy Goya was a Toledo Mudhens minor league baseball fan while he was paintin' out there. Maybe he caught a game or two ----when he wasn’t paintin’ kids with a cart, I mean.

And I am impressed with anyone who can paint. I can't paint anything worth a squat, so I recommend my cousin Paul for painting. But, I digress.

Anyway, Olson must have been so taken by the paintin’, that he’s speechless or somethin’ of that sort. The federal public defender advising Olson on the 'find', didn’t immediately return an Associated Press phone message. Olson himself was also called, and he must have been too choked up to come to the phone. They must be so overwhelmed at their good fortune, that they have no words to express their thoughts. Brings a tear to my eye.

Take that Leno and O’Brien. New Jersey has class. Even the Federal prosecutors know that.

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