Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well, at least we’ve got A ‘Robert Levy’, if not THE ‘Robert Levy’.”

Now that Mayor Robert Levy has returned, Atlantic City can breath a sigh of relief.

The Mayor is back. Long live Robert Levy.

Or maybe not.

In his absence, the city's business administrator, Domenic Cappella, appointed himself acting mayor last week, claiming Levy verbally transferred power to him on Sept. 26.

That kind of transfer of power is a cross between the power grab on a Klingon Starship and when Alexander Haig in the Reagan White House declared “I'm in charge here".

Anyway, that got me thinkin’, ---wouldn’t it have been better if the City Council just found someone else named “Robert Levy” to take the Mayor’s place for a few days?

Could that have been any worse compared to not having a mayor at all? Then people could say, “Well, at least we’ve got A ‘Robert Levy’, if not THE ‘Robert Levy’.”

And, there are some very good 'Robert Levys' to choose from in New Jersey:

There my good friend and regular guest on the Howard Stern Show, the Reverend Bobby Levy. He’s a pretty funny comedian for the right New Jersey crowd, and couldn’t be any worse than that current Mayor. He's pretty raunchy sometimes, and that might be a good fit, at least for some in AC.

There’s the Robert Levy, “the lawyer who conceived the lawsuit that gutted [D.C.'s] tough gun-control statute.” He is a “staunch defender of the Second Amendment, a wealthy former entrepreneur who said he has never owned a firearm and probably never will.”

He’s a Constitutional Fellow with the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington, so you know knows his politics.

And last but not least, there’s Robert I. Levy, “an American psychiatrist and anthropologist known for his fieldwork in Tahiti and Nepal and on the cross-cultural study of emotions. Though he did not receive a formal degree in anthropology, he spent most of his adult life conducting anthropological fieldwork or teaching in departments of anthropology.” As an anthropologist, he’s probably a good 'people' person, always a good skill to have in politics. Only thing is, he died in Italy in 2003. So it goes.

So, if the Mayor of AC ever splits again ----it’s a great bet that we have some good choices of other “Robert/Bob/Bobby Levys” to choose from.

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