Thursday, January 24, 2008

Central Jersey Political Brawls

Fight Club Judge: If you took Harcar and the points, you lost. And the beating goes on.

Judge Robert Schaul heard both sides of the Raritan Township -Karrow-Harcar brawl, and gave the ‘win’ to…Assemblywoman Marcia Karrow. He said in his decision that:

(1) the brawl definitely happened; (2) it was “choreographed” by Harcar and (3) that Harcar was an “agent provocateur” in the matter.

Wow ---Harcar an “agent provocateur”. I lost my bet, too. I placed my money that she would be called an “alleged assailant”. I was off by a mile.

Back in June 2007, Raritan Township Committeewoman Chris Harcar allegedly went to the business headquarters of Hunterdon County Chairman Henry Kuhl to allegedly make phone bank calls for the alleged primary race for sheriff. Allegedly, she got in to an alleged scuffle with Karrow, and allegedly had her arm broken by Karrow. Allegedly.

From press accounts:

Karrow: "I don't think the judge could make it any more clear about her lack of credibility.”

Harcar: "We have a lot more evidence.”

And Harcar may get a chance to present that evidence in Round II of the Karrow-Harcar brawl --- in her civil suit charging defamation.

Harcar was Karrow’s hairdresser years ago; no one knows if that had anything to do with their bitter battle.

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