Friday, January 25, 2008

Two Sides To Every Issue...many candidates, too

Last night, while the Republican congressional for the 7th hopefuls were in the very Democratic county of Union, the Democratic candidate for Congress, Linda Stender was in the very Republican county of Hunterdon. And she was on her game.

Assemblywoman Linda Stender wowed’em at the monthly meeting of the Tewksbury Township Democratic Club ---where about 50 people came out to hear her speak. Stender was in good humor, looking great after a full day’s activities that started with Assembly committee meetings in Trenton. Ms. Stender fielded questions on the Iraq War, the economy, local truck traffic, the school funding formula, state debt, and immigration. She was firm, focused and friendly. Unlike her campaign in 2006, which got off to a much later start, she is ready to roll already.

On the Republican side, the five out of the six 7th congressional hopefuls jockeyed for position at a meeting last night in Clark, Union County. Senator Leonard Lance, former NJ First Daughter Kate Whitman, Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks, former Summit Council President Kelly and former Deputy Mayor of Hillsborough Chris Venis all tried their level headed best to become the conservative’s conservative. Whitman declared that she is more conservative then her mom. Mark’s declared that he is solidly pro-life. Hatfield was the real McCoy when she said that she did not like the government interfering in people’s personal lives.

The Republicans all seemed to agree on the war, and backed their party’s wrong-headed commitment to an endless war plan, with no exit strategy.

On a quick note: with a name like Venis, I bet the former Hillsborough Deputy Mayor is glad his opponent isn’t Ferguson. Certainly not after the way the current Congressman’s campaign played around with the name Stender in the 2006 campaign.

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