Monday, January 28, 2008

The President's Final Days


I am at the Courier News about to watch the President's final State of the Union Address. I am part of their panel watching the president. The Secretary of the Interior is not there. He's at home watching this on TV, at home "carrying the football" in case of a national emergency.


All members of the Cabinet appear to wearing the same ties. Maybe they get a bulk discount, when they buy at the White House gift shop.


Barry Sullivan, announces the President of The United States to Madam Speaker. Second time that happened.

Bush is walking through the crowd, shaking hands, smacking backs, ruffling hair. Cheney: Red tie. Bush: Blue tie. Republicans and Democrats alike are cheering. Democrats that it's his last. Republicans perhaps glad he is going, too.


The President speaks. Note the hour. Wander if that's choreographed.

Economic stimulus package, job growth slower.

"Compete for votes, cooperate on results." Hmmm. Good line. Wonder who wrote that?

Funny line about the IRS taking checks and money orders. Democrats did not laugh. He calls for permanent tax cuts, promises to veto any bill that raises taxes.


Promises a balanced budget; "families must balance budgets so do governments." Of course, this is from a man who has OK'd spending 2 billion a month on a war that has put the nation in deep debt. Ironic.

"expanding consumer choice in health care". What does that mean? If people cannot afford healthcare, there is no choice.

Small business association health care. Good idea.

Education: No Child Left Behind. Unfunded mandate! And why schools, teachers, and parents want to see it retired, period.

Pell Grants expansion. Sounds like the same thing that Democrats offered 8 years ago that the 2001 Bush opposed as too expensive.

Rhetoric from a lame duck with low approval ratings. He leaves a legacy of failure, lack of accomplishments, and Republicans running from him around the country.

<--------Big smirk on Cheney's face.


He still cannot pronounce "nuclear" correctly: Calls for expansion of "nuclear" energy. Expand investment in research. Does not sound like a conservative to me.

Wants to ban human cloning. I support that, as long as it includes Bush's DNA.


Secure the borders. Build a fence. More border patrol agents. Calls for foreign workers to be able to come to America and work. Illegal immigration still a problem. Must be dealt with in a way the upholds our highest ideals.

Sets the stage for more nation building by giving examples of democracies emerging around the world.

Now he is on Iraq. Oh boy. Says the surge is working. [Sure, but not politically].


Killing is down, he says due to surge. [So, does not that mean it's time to come home?]. Cheers from Republicans, Democrats sit. Surge forces beginning to come home.

This is certainly one of the most shallow, cliche-filled State of the Union messages I have ever heard. 20,000 troops are coming home. Any further draw down will hurt progress he says. [However, with no bench marks, there is no way of knowing for sure when troops will come home.]

Well, this certainly is not the same Bush who said using the Cowboy attitude, "Bring'em On". He looks tied, beleaguered, and worn.

Calls for a democratic Palestinian state, once again.

Talking about Iran's nuclear program. Still cannot pronounce "nuclear".

He should have been impeached. Our bad.


Calls for liability protection for companies who have allowed the government to spy on Americans. Boo. Hiss.

"America opposes genocide in Sudan". That's going out in a limb!

Asks Congress to pass a wide range of new benefits for veterans. I heartily approve. He's winding up, because he is talking history about the framers ---"We The People". It's almost over. He is almost no longer the President. Just a few more months to 1.20.09.

He's done. Final one.

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