Friday, January 11, 2008

Mensch of the Week and Putz of The Week Friday, January 11th

We’re on our fifth week or so in a row of Mensch of the Week and Putz of The Week, and I've received several emails from readers out there with some comments. I thought this week I would not only name the new Mensch of the Week and new Putz of The Week, but take an opportunity to answer some questions about the feature.

Rafael G. of Plainfield asks, “I have heard of Putz. But what is a Mensch?”

Thanks, Rafael. A Mensch is a Yiddish word ---that roughly means "a good person." A "mensch" is a particularly good person, like "a stand-up guy.” For example, a person in your family who lends you money or a good friend who does a favor he does not have to. That’s a mensch.

Gloria L. of Tewksbury writes, “All your Putzes of the week all seem to be Republicans. Why is that?”.

Thanks, Gloria. I can honestly say that the Mensch/Putz Selection Committee never checks political party registration. I think that they apply standard basic Mensch/Putz criteria, handed down through the ages. Where the gauntlet falls, well that is up to the Selection Committee.

Finally, Stephanie R. of Perth Amboy inquires, “I read your posts everyday. Sometimes you’re a Putz. Sometimes you’re a Mensch. What is it with you?”

Well, thanks, I think.

I guess it’s just the normal balance and dichotomy of life. Y'know --- Country/Rock. Good cop/bad cop. Putz/Mensch. What are you going to do? That’s life.

Now on to this week’s choices. Briefly.

So who wants to be a millionaire? Practically everyone in New Jersey.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes
in the nation. We also have the highest insurance rates in the nation. And now, we have the highest percentage of millionaires in the nation.

Yup, when it comes to people with the big bucks, we got’em. Lots of them.

The Garden State ranked No. 2 for two years until 2006, according to the Phoenix Affluent Marketing Service. But last year we surged to the No. 1 position, with Maryland in number 2. Connecticut is third, and Ahnold’s California is just number ten.

So, to the fine folks at the Phoenix Affluent Marketing Service who collect this data so that big companies know where to market luxury products and investments -----you’re the Mensch of Week. Thanks for giving NJ a number one designation we can finally be proud of.

Putz of the Week

Assemblyman Mike Doherty has never been my favorite member of the Assembly. Indeed, since he is a mostly libertarian conservative Republican, there is not too much we agree on. He does not believe in global warming or evolution. And another thing he does not believe in, is voting his conscience.

This week Mr. Doherty abstained when it came to voting on New Jersey’s apology for our role in slavery. Abstained. While other Republicans at least had the courage of their convictions and voted “NO”, Doherty could not even muster that effort.

Doherty, said the bill was "a part of a bigger issue to keep all Americans divided". Yes, I am sure that the chief sponsor of the bill, Assemblyman Payne woke up one day and queried, 'Hmmm, how can I divide America today?'

And so, not because he opposed apologizing for slavery ----but because he could not muster enough conscience to cast a vote against it, Mr. Doherty is once again Putz of The Week.

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Betsy said...

I think he was too busy dreaming about his endorsement of Ron Paul.