Thursday, January 31, 2008

Republicans Out Number Democrats 6-1

In the Great Race for Congress in the 7th, right now the Republicans lead by a ratio of at least 6-1.

They have somewhere between six and eight candidates: To start with there’s Kelly Hatfield, Leonard Lance, Martin Marks, Victor Sordillo, Chris Venis and Kate Whitman. And the Democrats just have one, Assw. Linda Stender.

And just when you thought there more than enough candidates in the race for the 7th Congressional District race, there come two more with very interesting backgrounds.

New on the Republican block, there is Tom Roughneen. He is an Iraq War veteran, and I thank him for his service. He experience also includes being an Army defense lawyer and a former assistant prosecutor with Union and Essex counties. He will actually be running from town to town in the district to help his name recognition. Clad in his sweatshirt, he may soon be seen running through your town. Be careful driving if you see him on the road at night.

If you go to his website, there is a streaming video where he has some typical sophomoric quips about Senators Obama and Clinton. From his experience in Iraq, he brings a unique perspective to the ongoing Iraqi War debate. If any Republican should be able to make the tough argument of why we should still be in Iraq, he should. However, at from his speech at his announcement, he brings nothing new to the debate.

Next throwing his hat in to the ring, is Bridgewater Township Councilman Michael Hsing. Hsing is a personal friend from our days in the Leadership New Jersey Class of 1998. He is a two term Councilman in Bridgewater. He has served as President to the Bridgewater Town Council, and as the President of the Somerset County Governing Officials Association.

So, now there are eight. Should be an interesting primary, to say the least.

Entrenched politicians from long standing Republican families. Neo-con Republicans.

But not one amongst them who has had the courage to declare that he/she would vote to bring the troops home Iraq, -----leaving us all still behind the eight ball.


Anonymous said...

From Sunny Jim
in Essex County

I appreciate your blog, as it gives a perspective not found elsewhere. Thanks for the link today to candidate Roughneen, whose logic is difficult to follow as he mocks the candidacies of Hillary and Obama. His support, presumably then, falls to the leading Republican candidates, who are calling for our continued military presence in Iraq indefinitely. (Unless he is supporting Ron Paul, which I didn't hear him do.)

Republican voters, then, are faced with the choice of supporting or not supporting local candidates on a ticket with presidential candidates who are promising more of the same failed policies of the present administration. It is what's making this such an interesting election year.

Also, just a small factual correction from a couple of days ago, when you reported on Bush's State of the Union speech: I believe the correct figure for what we are spending for our occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan is $250,000,000. per day, which comes to $2 billion every eight days, not $2 billion per month as you reported.

Linda said...

Even though the Rs have 8 choices, we on the Dem side still have an embarrassment of riches in Linda Stender. Let the Rs push and pull. We've got the winner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cost correction Sunny Jim. It's nice to know good folks like yourself in Essex County. Hey to Freeholder Carol Clark, a good buddy.

Joey Novick

Anonymous said...

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