Monday, January 14, 2008

Delegate Diversity in the Democratic Party

If anyone ever tells you that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in NJ, just tell them this:

Amongst the Democratic nominees for president, there is [or was] a woman, an African-American and a Latino.

On the Republican side, there are [and always have been] only white males---with three of them not believing in evolution.

That should tell you alot of about the difference in values between the parties.

And in New Jersey, the Democratic State Committie will choose delegates with a commitment to have the delegate slate reflect the diversity of the state. This is will ensure a more
productive balance.

The Republicans, well, will have no such commitment.

The Democratic Party is using a proportional voting system, while the Republicans will use a ‘winner-take-all’ approach. The Democrats will see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the state more than the Repubs will see any of their potential nominees.

And the respective Parties had different opinions, too:

Democratic State Committee Chairman Joe Cryan:

We believe in diversity and representing all people. Republicans don't believe it's all that important…It's a synopsis of why we're successful in New Jersey."

Mark Sheridan, general counsel to the Republican State Committee:

"We have no quotas on the Republican side of the aisle. Our delegates will be chosen based on who will best lead for the next four years and help to govern our party for the next four years.”

In other words: no diversity in their delegates. Maybe some of them don’t believe in evolution, either.

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